The method in which I chose which stocks to choose was completely random, I had no what i was doing or how stocks worked. This was the first time I encountered anything with stocks so I didn’t know if the amount of money I had was a good amount, a huge amount, or if i had a little amount.          My thought process for Columbia was that the company would make a good amount of profit in this part of the year since along with The North Face, Columbia is one of the companies that everyone likes to have due to how warm their products are, hence more people buying their warmer clothes.         For General Motors, I thought since it was the end of the year the company would have deals on their vehicles causing sales to skyrocket, also since they have new model year vehicles coming into their inventory so they would drop prices even more in hopes to get rid of all older cars.         Microsoft was my weak stock, I didn’t plan on making a huge amount of money off this stock, if we were to try this game in a couple months, Microsoft would be a good company because they are gonna going to have a bunch of bigger products coming out that will have their sales through the roof.        With Nike I had the same thought process as Columbia, I figured the cold weather would spark a flooding of people to purchase their products. These processes didn’t seem to work since I had some of the worst returns in the class, I actually lost money.       The last stock I invested i which I chose to talk about is Starbucks, this is the stock with which I has most success with, this stock could compare to the other clothing companies because it is a cold season. I find Starbucks to be one of the most popular brands in the world. I figured this company would generate the most profit for my investment but turned out to backfire on me. What I observed with my stocks was that they would skyrocket up to where I would be top 5 in the class then my stocks would crash and put me towards the bottom of the class.If i had the chance to rebuy stocks and start over one brand i would most definitely invest in is Home Depot, I work there and everyday i see the prices of their stock go up, I know a couple family members and close family friends that have shares of Home Depot and they say it is one of the best decisions a person could make.Purchasing bonds and stocks is not the only way to save up for retirement, I think of the stock market as a bigger version of a casino, You can profit big, stay about the same and in some cases lose money.

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