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The shooting of John Crawford IIIOn August 5, 2014, there was reports of an African American man that had a gun and was armed and he was supposedly aiming and terrorizing other customers inside of a Walmart store in BeaverCreek, OH. After the police came, they saw what was going on and tried to seize John Crawford but he didn’t listen for he was on the phone talking to the mother of his 2 young boys. After the policemen shot him, they realized that it was not a real gun or a real weapon, but it was an airsoft rifle that could shoot only BBs or fire pellets. In one of the surveillance cameras, it showed Crawford talking on a cellphone and he picked up a pellet gun that was out of its box or package and was sitting on a shelf. The video also shows that Mr.Crawford was minding his own business by talking on the cell phone and he was walking through the Walmart aisle and passes through many customers and they do not seem to react to him or his presence. A few moments later, he walked past Ronald Ritchie, the man who called the BeaverCreek police and told the dispatcher that there “was a gentleman walking around with a gun in the store,” and that “he’s pointing the gun at people” and that Crawford appeared to load what looked like a rifle and he was “waving it back and forth”. Several weeks later, Ritchie confesses that Crawford never actually pointed the gun at anybody in the store and he only said that out of fear and needed to react quickly. In the surveillance video, it showed Crawford continuing to walk in the store moments later he paused and stayed at some store shelves and appeared to still be on the phone. While he’s doing this he is still messing around with the gun and the gun was pointed to the ground. The BeaverCreek Police officers then entered the Walmart and in doing so, Crawford fell to the ground and was crawling or scrambling in the opposite direction. He then turned back around and the cops shot him. It was later reported that he was still talking on his phone when the police came and he probably did not pay attention to what he was doing and was more focused on who he was talking to.

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