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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a story that tells about a little girl named Dorothy and her adventurous journey in the Land of Oz. She is accompanied by three characters known as the Scarecrow, The Tin Woodman, The Cowardly Lion and her pet Toto. I believe that that there are lessons or morals that can be learned from the things that Dorothy and friends go through or the things that they see as they make their way to the Wonderful Wizard of  Oz. That the moral that can be learned from this book is self sufficiency. The reasons why the moral that this a lesson that can be learned from this story is self sufficiency because the characters from this story wish for thing sor attributes that they already have without knowing they had them. The things that these characters think that they lack are brains, courage, and a heart.. The Scarecrow for one wants a brain.The Scarecrow believes that he lacks a brain. For those who read or watched the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, you can tell that the Scarecrow already has a brain and is not in need of one throughout the story. The scarecrow is unaware of this and  he goes looking fo Oz with hope of gaining a brain for himself. The Scarecrow happens to be the wisest and the smartest one of the bunch which he proves by doing things such as devising a plan to escape from the Kalidahs. An example from the book that that demonstrates the Scarecrow using his brain is when the group of character are being chased in the forest by the Kalidahs and the Scarecrow devises a  plan to escape for the Kalidahs. The group comes across a ditch and the Scarecrow is the one who comes up with the idea to cut down the tree to get across the ditch and away from the Kalidahs. This being a brilliant plan proves that the Scarecrow indeed had a brain. It proves that the Scarecrow had a or has a brain throughout the whole book. The reason why is because the Scarecrow would have never come up with the idea to cut down the tree if he did not have a brain. The lion on the other hand is actually pretty much the same as the scarecrow for he also believes that he is lacking something. The Scarecrow should be self sufficient since he is actually very smart and is not lacking or in need of a brain. “I don’t know… But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking… don’t they?”. This is what the Scarecrow answers to Dorothy when she asks how he can talk if he doesn’t have a brain. I believe that this quote shows that theScarcrow has a brain because what he said is very wise and not many people would think of an answer like that.                    The Lion believes he is a coward. He joins Dorothy and her party with hope to gain courage and be brave. The Lion is not cowardly but he in fact is very courageous and brave. There are many times in the story where the Lion decides to be brave and has to risk his life in order to save the ones around. The Lion does this without having having to be asked to do. Theo Lion believes he is a coward despite the fact that he does not fear what most people would. He believes he is cowardly and is open about it and tells it to almost everyone he comes across. “I know it,” said the Lion, hanging his head in shame. “I’ve always known it. But how can I help it?”. This quote shows that the Cowardly Lion believes that he is a coward himself and that he does not argue against being told that he is a coward. From the actions of the Lion throughout the book, we can tell that he is not self sufficient but he should be. His actions show that he is not a coward but that he is actually pretty brave. The Tin Woodman believes that he is missing a heart. I can tell the the Tin Woodman has a heart because of his actions. For example, the Tin Woodman happens to step on a beetle while walking on the road. The beetle gets squashed  and the beetle ends up dying. The Tin Woodman becomes sad because of this and cries because his action sorrows, saddenss, and disturbs him. A person without a heart cannot have emotions and these feeling s that the Tin woodman feels are emotions. Since the Tin woodman has emotion, he also has a heart. The Tin Woodman also cries many times throughout the story. Another example of the Tin Woodman showing emotion is when he is happy and grateful that Dorothy oils him up so that he is no longer rusted. All in all the Ti Woodman believes he lacks a heart and wishes for one while he already has one. The Tin woodman believes he is lacking something like the other two chars character I mentioned being the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. “This made the Tin Woodman very unhappy, for he was always careful not to hurt any living creature; and as he walked along he wept several tears of sorrow and regret.” This quote shows that the Tin Woodman has a heart because it shows the Tin Woodman having emotion after stepping on the beetles killing it. A person without a heart would not be able to show these emotion. If the Tin Woodman was self sufficient, he would know that he has heart and is not in need of one. This bring me to my main point about self sufficiency and what it has to do with these characters.Self Sufficiency is the lesson or moral of this story because although they already have the attributes they are wishing for, these character are not self sufficient and cannot realize this.The Scarecrow does not think he has or possess rains, the Tin Woodman thinks he lacks a heart, and the Lion believes that he needs courage. None of these characters are correct about how they view or see themselves. The Scarecrow is the most intelligent of the bunch, the Tin Woodman is filled with compassion because of the way he treats others , and the Lion is full of courage and nobility. All of them already have or possess what it is they think they lack. They are just  unable to see this for themselves. They believe that they must ask the Wizard to help them. The Wizard cannot help them or give them what they want because he is not actually a Wizard. In the end, when they don’t receive help from anyone to fix them,it is because they already had what they were wishing for inside of them. The Wizard and his trickery “reveal” these traits at the end.As a fairy tale, the moral of finding one’s inner strength is surviving

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