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The article discusses the perceived link between working memory and fluid intelligence; according to the writer, both have similar approach of retrieving information from secondary memory. In the article the writer aims are investigating the robustness secondary memory in the ability to predict higher order cognition. To support/research the issue, the writer undertook a survey with 172 undergraduate students who were engaged in either extra credit or partial fulfillment of the psychology courses credits (Gouvier 814).

The writer has used a formalized/research approach structure to bring out logic in the article; the writer starts by expressing the opinions brought about by various researchers on memory, then builds into his main area of study. In his study, he explains how he came up with his opinion. The approach is good to introduce the topic, however it does not lay a firm foundation to those who have little knowledge in the unit.

In my opinion, the writer has made the assumption that psychologists/sociologists have some basis of knowledge in memory issues, this is not necessarily the case. To people with knowledge in memory psychology, the article is relevant and well researched (Gouvier 815).

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In my opinion, there is close link between memory and intelligence, however the two psychology element vary in their reasoning strategy. Memory is more on retrieving stored information while intelligence is the mental power to solve complex issues in human life.

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Gouvier, Drew. “The Relationships Of Working Memory, Secondary Memory, And General Fluid Intelligence: Working Memory Is Special.” Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, And Cognition 36.3 (2010): 813-820. PsycARTICLES. Web. 24 Jan. 2012.

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