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The bourgeoisie made up about 8 percent of the population, which is about two million people. 20-25 percent of the land was owned by them. Types of people in the bourgeoisie included bankers, merchants, industrialists, and professional people like doctors, writers, and lawyers. They were not happy with what the nobles were capable of doing, but instead of abolishing them, some became nobles. They were upset with the monarchical system because it was based on ideas of an old and rigid social order. An immediate cause of the revolution was the almost-collapsing French budget. In 1787 and 1788, failed harvests caused a slowdown in manufacturing which caused a higher demand for food, increasing their prices, and leaving people without jobs. A long term issue of the revolution was the inequality of estates. The first and second estate had way more say over the third estate. This in hand caused the third estate, which most people are a part of, to become voiceless creating the need for people to start saying something.  The estates were very uneven when it came to voting/ making decisions. For example, in the estates-general, the first and second estates had more say than the third estate. This led to the third estate paying most of the taxes. The first and second estate payed little to nothing. Economic issues caused by the excessive and unnecessary spending led to an economic collapse. This forced the king to call a meeting for the estates-general in order to raise funds through a new system of paying taxes.The third estate declared itself to be the national assemble because since they had the most people out of the estates, they felt like they should have majority vote. They believe they’d make a better representation of the nation than either the first or second estates. The French peasants were acting back for the way they were being treated. Between the lack of food, oppressive taxes, and poor economic conditions, they wanted to rebel. They also resented the nobility and their practices and their opinions which also led them to their rebellion. After the storming of the Bastille, the royal power was taken care of. Louis XVI realized that’s could not control the third estate as he had initially had thought. This storm into the Bastille showed how violent the French Revolution could get. The Bastille kind of symbolized royal power. Them defeating it showed that the National Assembly voted to abolish all legal privileges of the nobles and the clergy. The Declaration of Right of Man and of the Citizen positively influence the lives of people in France. Formulated by the French National Assembly in 1789, it was influenced strongly by a few different things. The formation was a huge turning point in European and French history and it showed the waves of change in leadership. The declaration including the mentioning of the ideas of the enlightenment. It declared that all men were free and equal. It also enforced the idea of promotion of talent rather than social position along with introducing universal taxation within the country. It continued to enforce freedom of speech and press within the country. It helped destroy the grueling French monarchy and estates system and create the idea of a new system of government. The creation of this document occurred due to the injustice and inequalities of how the French government ran and a need for a change in the way the country was ruled. It was greatly influenced by the American Declaration of Independence and the English Bill of Rights, which were actually inspired by philosophers like Adam Smith, John Locke, Voltaire, and Jean-Jaques Rousseau. They inspired the lower classes to speak up and question their government and social position and to consider what rights men have. Between the influence of these thinkers and the historical documents, alas the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was created. 

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