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Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) is one of three decision
support systems for defense acquisition, two others are Joint Capabilities Integration
and Development System, and the Defense Acquisition System.  We only discuss PPBE today. Planning phase includes information
collection, technologies and trends analysis, and current and future capabilities identification.  In programming phase, we review objectives and current policies, assess
infrastructure shortfalls,
validate capability requirements, align available resources, evaluate various tradeoff options, balance
and integrate resources according priorities, and generate a Program Decision Memorandum.
 In budgeting phase, we apply resources into an
appropriations account structure, ensure appropriate funding and fiscal
controls, make sure efficient
use of resources, and examine whether it is realistic in the requested budget
year.  In execution phase, we usually
create a Monthly Phasing Plan, manage appropriated funds to accomplish related tasks,
conduct continuous reviews, to determine whether the appropriated funds are
being obligated and expended in accordance with the approved budget, and
whether funds are achieving the desired effect (Performance and
Accountability Report).

The project’s life cycle include four phases: project
initiation, concept exploration, demonstration/validation, and full scale
development.  Four phases have some
common concerns, such as manning, technical data, engineering services, facilities,
etc.  We can use PPBE as a tool in each
phase of the project’s life cycle, to deal with those common concerns and
ensure resources efficiency.  We also can
use PPBE as a consistent framework to
match the project’s life cycle.  In
the project’s initial phase, PPBE
Planning can defines “What” needs to complete, and provides a project outline.  In the concept exploration phase,
PPBE Programming works out on “How” to approach goals, identifies stake holders, defines working processes and work breakdown structure.  In the demonstration/validation phase, we make
sure the project is “ON TRACK”, PPBE Budgeting provides the “Why” behind the
programming decisions, results in a complete budgetary request, and finally
enacts appropriations.  In the full
scale development phase, PPBE Execution
enables team
members to meet designed goal and timeline for tasks, monitors expenditure,
manages assets and resources, to maintain the project on track.

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