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The RIBA’S plan of work can be very effective in certain stages. I’ll be evaluating the effectiveness of the plan in my chosen project. I’ll be talking about teamwork, communication and mid-cycle project amendments.  The plan of work is very important when it comes to my house projet project, The plan allows the teams to communicate efficiently and effectively throughout every stage of the build. It is important to communicate effectively because this can help get rid of any mistakes that can cause problems to the client, design team and construction team. An example of an issue could be going over budget on materials during the construction phase, this would be bad communication between the QS and design engineer, but could cost the client a lot of money to fix. However, with the RIBA plan of work it limits the chances of this happening as it encourages communication at all times and at every stage teams are making sure that they are still on track to where they should be. The plan also has an effect on Teamwork, teamwork is key in my project as it allows the house to be completed on time and in the correct way. The RIBA plan makes sure that people are always working together throughout stages 0-7, this is because the project will become more feasible with more peoples input and can also be done exactly how the client wants it to be done as everyone will be working together. This is shown in stage 3 where all the plans have been drawn up and they will be checked by the client and engineer to make sure they are happy with them. Teamwork is also very influential in the construction phase (stage 5) because it allows the build to be completed in a way which is safe for the employees, this is done by helping each other with their jobs and within the deadline which will make the client happy.  Finally the RIBA plan also takes into account mid-cycle project amendments. This is effective for my project as things can be changed all the time, such as the client changing their mind on what roof they want. Within the plan if any changes are to be made in stages 4-7 then the project must be stopped and must go back to stage 3 where the plans can be amended or re-drawn, this is very effective for my project as it makes sure that all of the details are still going to be correct for my final product even though changes have been made. If this wasn’t in the plan and changes were made they may not match the original plans and therefore have an effect on the outcome of the house project. Overall I believe that the RIBA’s plan of work is very effective with regards to my project.  

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