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The way the autobiography was written about people of Islamic faith was highly biased. Since it was written by a romance writer, I believe that he wanted to add twists and make Christianity the righteous religion. “These kingdoms are full of cruel and bloodthirsty people, for they are constantly at one another’s throats and would do great mischief to travelling merchants…And you may be sure they all follow the Law of Mahomet, their Prophet.” (Benedetto. 38) I feel like the way it was written, it promoted Christianity as the right and Islam as the wrong because the author believed that the Prophet was violent and so was his followers. The next issue of the text when it comes to them is that of the Old Man of the Mountain and of his Assassins. The text describes a garden that was considered Paradise and that the Prophet Mohamet told his followers that those who go to Paradise will have their women to their heart content. ” …Further, he had conduits made, and down one flowed wine, down another milk, down a third honey and down a fourth water. There were also ladies and damsels there, the fairest on earth who could play on all kinds of instruments and sang and danced better than other women. And the Old Man made his people believe that this garden was Paradise….Mahomet told the Saracens that those who go to Paradise will have their disposal beautiful women to their heart’s content.” (Benedetto. 50) But what is mentioned about Paradise is that those who made assassin’s then they will be granted if they fight. Young men would go kill when the Old man wanted to send any of his men, they would believe the Old Man is the Prophet. “…he had a potion given them, as a result of which they straightway fell asleep; then he had them taken up and put into the garden, and then awaked….When the Old Man wanted to send any of his men anywhere to kill some person, he would order the potion to be given to a certain number of them, and once they were asleep, he would have them taken up and brought into his palace…When the youths awoke and found themselves in the castle in the Old Man’s palace, they would be greatly pleased…believing that they were in the presence of a great Prophet. (Benedetto. 51) The way “Paradise” was made as a false representation because the Old Man is mentioned to only use Paradise to manipulate the young youths who will bear arms and fight off the enemies, thinking that he is the Prophet and that they should follow the rules and they will enter Paradise.

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