Year IATA headquarter is in Montreal while

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Year round policy direction is provided by an elected Executive Committee which is subsequently carried out by its Financial, Legal, Technical, Traffic Advisory and Medical Committees.

Negotiations of fares and rates agreement are carried out through the IATA Traffic Conferences, with separate conferences as regards passenger and cargo matters.

Members of various IATA Committees are nominated by individual airlines, but these serve as experts in the interests of the entire industry. In the Traffic Conference(s), however, delegates act as representatives of their individual companies.

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While the Executive Committee fixes the terms of reference of these conferences, their decisions are subject only to the review of governments and cannot be altered by any other part of IATA. The organizational structure of IATA is the formal network of performing various types of activities and powers/duties associated with each role in this network.

IATA administration and management is carried out under a Director General who is supported by other executive officers like Treasurer and Financial Director, Secretary, Technical Director, and Traffic Director.

The main IATA headquarter is in Montreal while Administrative Headquarters of the IATA Traffic Conferences and IATA Clearing House are located in Geneva. The IATA Enforcement Office is in New York and the Regional Technical Offices in London, Singapore, Kenya, USA, and Belgium.

IATA activities are closely related with operation of the airlines, the airlines charges to the public and the airlines desire to ensure maximum possible convenience and safety to the passengers.

Every year constant and progressive efforts are taken to simplify and standardize devices, procedures and documentations, within the airlines themselves, and by IATA to streamline growth and progress of airlines business.

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