The another strategy is developed. This problem

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process is usually based on a well-comprehended strategy that is used to
select, analyze, and eliminate applicants for a particular job position. The
strategy is used to measure the qualities of the employees while at the same
time providing qualities that employers need. A proper selection process design
covers all aspects intended while giving results that are relevant to the
employer (Russell& Peterson, 2007). Failure of doing so then the selection
process design is usually up for revision.

            In some cases, a problem might occur
in the selection process design that may lead to delay in completion of the
process. An example of this may be extreme high scores than expected from
applicants in the personality tests. The results from these tests should be
nullified as another strategy is developed. This problem can be solved in a
number of ways. First of, a proper analysis of the problem should be managed in
order to understand what alternatives can be implemented. Since the problem
applies on the personality test, the second step should involve a different
method. Multiple-choice job tests can be conducted to understand the diversity
of the applicants. These give different results, which may be applicable in
this case.

            In addition to an improved strategy,
some information may be needed from the client to meet the needs that are
targeted. A budget for one is an important aspect in constructing an efficient
design. This will solely depend on the client’s purpose of the design: whether
it’s supposed to be thorough or simple and less time consuming. Also, recorded
data of previous designs can help in understanding the client’s preferences
better and clearer. The client’s history of employed people is important as
well in determining the targeted group and the characteristics most sought out
for. If there is knowledge of the characteristics being looked for, the
selection process design may as well be focused on that.

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