The following are steps could be taken by the employer to reduce workplace violence.1.    Employee ScreeningThe employer is responsible to deliberately screen their potential employees to filter out those with possible violent behaviour. An independent survey or test on the potentials could be used to determine their inclination towards violence and dismiss them prior employment to avoid further complications. Besides survey, a stringent background check could also applicable to determine any untoward behaviour. 2.    Enforce Stringent Policy Against ViolenceThe employer must create a violence prevention policy involving each level of the organization including management, employees or related partners. To ensure an effective policy enforcement, the information about the policy must be widely disseminated among all parties. The policy should include a procedure to handle violence complaints impartially to make sure victim feels safe as well as ensuring the accused party is justly treated.3.    Tighten Security MeasuresThe employer should ensure the security measure in the workplace is tightened to safeguard the employees’ safety. This includes the placement of additional security guards for a workplace with a higher risk of violence occurrences. The presence of security guards will raise employees’ confidence level while performing their duties. The employer should also ensure that the parameter of the workplace is closely monitored by CCTV to avoid unexpected events to occur in the absence of security guards in the area.4.    Awareness and Training ProgramThe employer should also emphasize on the awareness and training programs on workplace violence. During the program, all employees should be informed on the repercussion of any act of violence and also the benefit of prevention at workplace violence. 5.    Explicit Codes of Conduct.Employers should establish ‘non-tolerance’ code of conduct against and make it explicitly known to all parties within the company. This code of conduct should demonstrate the company’s commitment in preventing violence at workplace thus ensuring giving confidence to the employees on their safety at the workplace.6.    Establish Effective Communication ChannelsCommunication is a very important element in addressing violence in the workplace. Employers should establish an effective communication channel for victims to voice out their grievances. With this channel, victims will not fall into silence which will thrive the aggressors7.    Peer MonitoringEmployees could embark on a peer monitoring program where employees could help to monitor their peers at work and highlight any situation that could cause tension in the workplace to the employers. On another hand, the employer should deal with any conflict swiftly before the situation becoming more hostile and create violence occurrences.

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