The 11% lower on a post-lecture comprehension

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The use of laptops distracts students and can lead to poor academic performances. Nonacademic Internet use was common among students who brought laptops to class and was inversely related to class performance.Several types of research has demonstrated that using laptop for non class related purposes during the lecture would distract students and detract learning  (Junco., 2012; Kraushaar & Novak., 2010; Sana, Weston, & Cepeda, 2013)and that this is true regardless of academic ability (Fried., 2008; Ravizza, Hambrick, & Fenn, 2014). A research conducted by Sana et al, where participants were required to take notes on their laptops during the lecture, some students were also instructed to complete a sequence of tasks online and an experimenter was present at the back of the room to monitor screen activities. During the end of the class, students were asked to email their notes and responses to the given online tasks. They were then given a comprehension test to complete in a set time limit of 30 minutes. Results show that students who multitasked during class (M= 0.55, SD=0.11, n=20) scored considerably lower than students who did not multitask on the test (M= 0.66, SD=0.12, n=20) (Sana, Weston, & Cepeda, 2013). The results also demonstrate that students scored higher on simple questions (M=0.60, SD=0.13, n=20) than on complex questions that require students to apply their knowledge (M=0.56, SD=0.13, n=20). Overall, Students who multitasked scored 11% lower on a post-lecture comprehension test (Sana, Weston, & Cepeda, 2013). Another research involved monitoring students laptop activity through a spyware installed on students laptops and self-reports by the student  (Kraushaar & Novak, 2010). The findings show students would frequently engage in multitasking during the lecture, an average amount of students would open 65 new windows during each lecture and 62% were found to be distracting and this draws in support that a high frequency of multitasking is correlated with lower academic performance (Kraushaar & Novak,2010).

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