The of the soil layer is being disrupted

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The land is the
primary source of coal. The surface of land is dedicated to load up and reshape
for farther use. Where the mining site is located people of that area have to
be resettled and that creates impact on their life and livelihood. The economic
activities of people of that particular area are hampered. People loss their cultivable
lands, the wildlife and the ecosystem of the area is significantly disturbed. The
existing land use pattern of the mining area is affected. The livestock grazing
land, wetlands, and the forests of the mining area are hampered. Vegetation pattern
and cultivation of that particular area are destroyed. But due to the transportation
of the mining area it seems improvement to the transportation and creates less
effect to the land use pattern. Strip mining destroyed the existing soil
profile. The ecosystem of the wetland is highly affected due to the mining. Displaces or destroys wildlife and
habitat, alters current land uses, and to some extent permanently changes the
general topography of the area mining. It may
cause permanent change to the area of mining. Adverse impact on that spatial
area is significantly occurring due to coal mining. There has been a
significant change in the general topography of the area under mining. Due to
coal mining and combustion geospatial and geographical features are destroyed.
Cultural or historical place may become endangered due to coal mining.

and other particles that release when mining or combustion of coal is occurred
have a hazardous impact on the atmosphere. Dust that releases due to combustion
may degrade the air qualities and causes different air born diseases. There always
remains a health hazard to the worker who involves in mining and the residents
of the nearby area are also affected due to the lower air quality.

The aestheticism
of the landscape is severely disrupted to the area of mining. The normal
formation of land of that particular area is threatened due to coal mining and
combustion. Due to mining the normal formation of the soil layer is being
disrupted and a big change may have occurred. Sometime it may be dangerous to
the people who live at the foot of the mountain. When the mountaintop removes
due to mining coal it imposes threat to the nearer areas and the people who
works there. The rocks are deposited in the nearer valley and other wetlands
result in blocking of water flows.

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The removal of rocks
may cause huge erosion of huge soil and degrading the qualities of soil. The ingredients
of the soil may lose due to excavation and unplanned use of soil. Combustion and
hydration also may responsible to degradation of soil qualities. In a particularly stunning case in the
German Saar region, a so-called mine fall down in 2008 caused an earthquake of 4.0
on the Richter magnitude scale, causing damage of some houses. Previously,
smaller earthquakes had become increasingly common and coal mining was
temporarily suspended in the area.



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