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The original Civil Rights Movement dates back to the 19th century from 1865 to 1896 after the Civil War. The movement worked toward ending racial discrimination, improving educational and employment opportunities, and establishing electoral power within the African-American community. The reform movement faded out but picked back up in the 1950s, as it was a time of brutal racial and social segregation/discrimination and second-class citizenship for African-Americans. Malcolm X shaped the Civil Rights Movement because he spoke on black independence, identity, and power.?Malcolm X became a prominent leader, being well-known for his controversial opinions and soon grew a great following. Malcolm X rejected the idea of Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent pursuit of black and white integration. He urged his followers to resist and defend themselves against white aggression and supported the idea of separatism – blacks living separate from whites. He established the political organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) in order to unite all Africans and urged the push for independence as the best approach for African-Americans in America (Britannica). He used his platform to help blacks create their own identity. ?Malcolm proclaimed that nonviolence was useless in obtaining equality and that in order to accomplish anything, African-Americans would have to recover their lost identity. The way that would be possible was to break the silence. He introduced racial pride and advocated people to “Think Black”which became one of Malcolm’s most significant contribution to the reform movement. As a result, he instilled a great sense of pride and identity in black workers and blacks in general because before, being black wasn’t something to be proud of due to being dominated by the majority ( In relation to this, he became the embodiment of the ideology of “Black Power”.?Even after his death in 1865, Malcolm’s teachings and messages about being self-sufficient and determined, laid the foundation for the rise and evolution of Black Power. Malcolm grew concerned that the African-American community would eventually give up and lose grasp of their movement because of the continuing struggle for civil rights; He persuaded many blacks that nonviolence wasn’t an option anymore and that it was time to take action. His ideas became popular among young black people. Soon, Black Power movements like the Black Panther Party were dispersed within America, their opinions were finally being voiced, and left an impact in the fate of black people (Encyclopedia, Malcolm x became the voice for the nation’s black community; being the advocate for black strength and evolution in society.?Malcolm X was a passionate leader that shined light on black independence, identity, and power that inspired future generations to fulfil his purpose, take action to gain control of their rights, and end oppression inflicted on them. Ultimately he was right on the concept that if change isn’t happening, people need to stand up to make the change happen. Determination is the driving force. Sometimes the silence needs to be broken and mainstreams need to be challenged to bring a situation to the table. 

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