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“The Doctor” tells us the story
of a self-centered heart surgeon, Jack McKee, who treats his patients like
names on a list. As a surgeon, he believes no doctor should have an attachment
to his patients. “A surgeon’s job is to
cut. You fix it and you get out,” he says. However, he undergoes an
attitude change as the movie goes along and he is diagnosed having a tumor in his
throat that is malignant. As his life changes from a doctor to a patient, his
point of views begins to shift. He then meets another patient named June Ellis,
a cancer patient with inoperable brain tumor. June teaches him the importance
of showing kindness to the people around him including his wife, patients,
colleague, family and friends. In the end of the movie, Jack recovers from cancer
and begins to teach the new interns the importance of kindness and treating
patients with respect by making them experience life as a patient with
different diseases undergoing different treatments.

film is a good example of how attitude plays an important role in one’s life,
especially in the life of a Doctor. The word “Attitude” is defined as they way
you respond to everything, be it an object, subject, idea or situation. It
could either be positive or negative, depending on how one views the situation.
Attitude can have a great impact on your behavior and it is usually the result
of the experiences one has experienced in life or upbringing.

In this film, though Jack is the
main character, he does have flaws of his own. For example, when Jack’s patient
with a scar on her chest is feeling insecure and mentions that she and her
husband are not close anymore, Jack responds that she should tell her husband
that she is just like a “Playboy
centerfold, because she has the staple marks to prove it.” In this
situation, Jack shows an example of bad attitude as a Doctor because he doesn’t
offer comforting words or give assurance to his patient who is already feeling
insecure with herself instead he ridicules her further.

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Dr. Murray is an example of bad
attitude, he expected Jack to lie under oath for him when his patient, who was
mistreated, sues him for a major malpractice case. Dr. Murray did not perform
his job as a Doctor and he also expected his friend to lie for him, he shows
the worst attitude in the film.

Next, Dr. Leslie Abbott, Jack’s
doctor, is another example of portraying bad attitude. In the film, Dr. Leslie
tells Jack in simple, plain cold words, “Doctor,
you have a growth.” She explains it in strict, medical terms without any
compassion and then gets up and leaves him alone in the room to cope with the
news. This is also the starting point of Jack’s transformation. He begins to
realize the importance of showing kindness to your patients. Throughout the
movie, Dr. Leslie’s character doesn’t undergo any changes, she continues on as
cold and unfeeling.

This film has thought me that
attitude plays an important aspect in life. Your attitude will not only impact
on your performance, relationship and success but also your happiness. Those
who have a good attitude creates a warm atmosphere around them, this draws
people towards them and helps build friendly relations. As a doctor, if you
have the right bedside manners, your patients will be more willing to open up
to you and they will also respect you as their doctor.

In the movie, Dr. Eli Bloomfield
shows the perfect example of a good Doctor. His bedside manner is a perfect
example, he treats his patients with kindness and respect. When Jack asks Dr.
Eli to perform his surgery, he replies saying, “Well, Jack, I’ve always wanted to slit your throat, and now I’ve got
the chance.” Jack then goes on to apologize to him for his previous
insulting behavior.

One’s attitude can be changed and
it is never too late to change one’s attitude. Having the right attitude cannot
be thought, it should be from within. However, a bad attitude can be changed, through
self-motivation and self-encouragement. In the film, Jack, after experiencing
life as a patient, changes his perspective and is able to understand and relate
to patients better. He began to teach the new medical students, the importance
of treating patients with care and respect. Through his experience, he was able
to evaluate and appreciate the important aspects in his life.

Lastly, the saying, “Attitude is
everything”, means that people with the right attitude in life, are the ones
who succeed. Thus, having a positive attitude brings about a positive change in
one’s life. As an upcoming Medical Doctor, it is important for us to learn the
importance of showing right bedside manners and treating patients with respect
and kindness.

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