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The battle of Trenton was one of the most important series of victories in the revolutionary war because it led to our winning of the revolutionary war. It started with the continental army’s withdrawal to valley forge which meant survival since they were being trapped by the British, and provided time to rebuild and train soldiers. The victory at trenton boosted morale in the soldiers that had only known defeat in the past battles and it provided a catalyst for the enlistment of the continental army. This was a moral victory that proved the Continental Army could defeat the superior british forces. Defeat of the Hessians at Trenton was instrumental to the survival of the continental army. They crossed the Delaware into new jersey on christmas. The continental army was running out of supplies and needed shelter from the cold nights and they just needed to attack so they crossed around midnight and defeated the hessians. After taking trenton washington retreated to valley forge to regroup and rebuild the army and train his soldiers. At valley forge they faced many hardships including sickness and poorly equipped soldiers. After overcoming these  obstacles they hired a former french military officer to train soldiers which made them more effective and deadly in combat. This Victory was a moral based victory for the continental army because it didn’t accomplish very much for the U.S. besides showing the men that they were not fighting a war they could not win. The moods of the soldiers were rather low after losing so many battles in a row and this got them back into the right mindset. This also made it a point of reinlistment so that the men reenlisted and they still had an army to fight with. The enlistment of these soldiers was just about to be over and hey would have to fight anymore so this provided much needed encouragement to reenlist. Winning this battle at trenton was a victory that showed to the continental army that this was not a hopeless war. This victory shows to the world that the British can be defeated and the continental army was there to stay and was not gonna roll over to the british. This win crushed morale for British soldiers while gave U.S. soldiers the courage to keep fighting the revolutionary war. In conclusion The battle of Trenton was one of the most important series of victories in the Revolutionary war in that it gave us the ability to win the war. After winning at Trenton the continental army received a huge morale boost and giving them the endurance to push on and keep fighting in the war. Another contributing factor was that they hadn’t won in a while and finally they had something to boost their spirits. Finally their withdrawal to valley forge in order to escape being trapped by the british army and to regroup and train the soldiers. IN doing these thing following the victory at Trenton they eventually defeat the british and win their independence from the british.

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