The aptitude towards numbers. Despite the procedure of

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The simple fact that mathematic problems always have definitive answers (in most cases) has been the essential factor for my aptitude towards numbers. Despite the procedure of solving the most intricate equations may be boring for some, this is what constantly keeps me driven to reach a conclusive endpoint. But, picking Statistics as an A level opened my eyes to new branch of Mathematics. Proving to me not all mathematical questions have one answers. For example, something so basic like regressions lines which show future trends between 2 variables, Confidence Intervals which put limits on the mean of nearly anything. This burning intrigue inside motivates me to delve into similar fields like Statistics. Eventually leaving my sole focus on becoming a qualified Actuary.Researching the description of what the job exactly entails was wise as I learnt how vast the spectrum is of the different types of Actuaries. An individual who works in the Pension sector will completely differ to someone who works in the Financial sector. For instance, pension actuaries may analyse pension scheme liabilities to price commercial insurance whereas financial workers have an in-depth knowledge about the economy especially stock markets which may be on behalf for their clients or employers. Picking Further Maths as well as Maths at A level shows my willingness to learn more about topics I have a passion for. Having a strong work ethic instilled into me I never give up on any problem faced Having a weeks work experience with Santander  was an eye opener as it showed me what work is like in bank branches and in a call centre. What I took away from that week was important as I learned how to interact with customers face to face and over the telephone. This helped me a lot as I became more confident socially to deal with any matter.As a child I enjoyed going to scouts once a week which gave structure at a younig age learning in a loose way what having regiment is like. As well as experiencing new types of sports like sailing and kayaking, camping brought me out of my shell which I was apprehensive about at first. Overcoming all anxieties after a few trips I eventually was a leader for younger children and helping them wherever I could on their first trips.Apart from playing for a five a side football team, I enjoy going the gym in the local leisure centre where I also play badminton as a hobby. Previously playing competitively for my school, likewise for table tennis which as a team we came Runners Up in a Merseyside Tournament. Having a diverse variety of sports to play eliminates any repetitiveness and keeps it fun.

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