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The embedded systems and software are re-defining significant aspects of a new-age life and business by bringing innovations to the traditional systems, making them more intelligent, competent, cost-effective, and feature-rich. As smart hardware systems continue to rule our lives with greater grip every coming day, the advancements in software are empowering it to expand its span to incorporate a wide array of verticals like consumer electronics, transportation, medicine, and manufacturing. 

Technical developments have empowered the cables and telecoms to provide the users with wireless communication systems, reliable networking, cognitive and effective computing, robotics, faster communication, and a liberty to store heavy data. While this has, in turn, facilitated rich multimedia experience over a wide range of consumer electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, personal navigation, and set-top boxes, it has also paved ways for interwoven cloud-enabled devices. These networks act as support systems that cater to a diverse variety of verticals that include energy, healthcare, automotive, security, point of sale, and home automation. Not only this, the existence of other advanced technologies like pervasive computing, intelligent devices, internet-of-things (IoT), cyber-physical systems, etc. are encouraging innovation in the field of transport system, smart agriculture smart healthcare system, and many more.

Matellio exemplifies the one-stop destination for the Embedded Solutions and Services requirements of the clients ranging from small start-ups to big corporations. With our domain-specific technical expertise and deep knowledge, we help you trace the route from ideation to product launch smoothly. Our team has immense professional expertise in cutting-edge technologies and brilliant business acumen to help you through the process starting from the stage of ideation to the final launch. 

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