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The main function of seedling pick-up is to take away the
seedlings from seedling trays and place them in to the transplanting hopper
from where the seedlings are transplanted in to the soil In spite of the fact
that the working pace was about the speed of the human hands , it was expected
toward the start of the investigation to focus numerous endeavors on making the
removing capacity of the seedling pick-up device more exact. Accordingly, this
transplanting operation requires that the pick-up device can dependably get the
attachments with no harm to leaves, the stem and the root  of a vegetable seedling, for that a sensible transplanting
design must be made as below.

The seedling tray has a movement at an angle ?
to the transplanting surface. The tray movement can be divided in to tray cell
to cell horizontal move , row to row length wise feeding . This feed angle has
to be almost perpendicular, which limit the feeding interpretation space and  in this manner is more gainful for the structure

Picking pins length should be greater than the height of the
seedling tray cell, which pick the seedling freely from the tray cell
perpendicular to the longitudinal feed movement. For quality-high picking , the
picking pins should go inside the root soil of vegetable seedling along line FE
and pick ,lift the seedling in the same path . In this way we can escape the
root of vegetable seedling from being damage

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The opening of pick-up pins should have the width less than
the width of tray cell and the pick-up pin goes inside the cell which was less
than height of the tray cell  . As the
pick-up pins go inside the tray cell , they will close according to the width
of the cell and the minimum width of opening is less than the width of the
bottom tray cell . press also, hold the root protuberance solidly at the
greatest entrance profundity.

The pick-up pins transfer the seedling from tray along the
curved path FG. From there the seedling is dropped by pick-up pins in to the
transplanting hopper. From there the seedlings will fall in to the furrow created
by gravity and packed with the packing wheels.

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