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The Best Electronic Drum AmplifiersEven the best electronic kits are of no use if you do nothave the best drum amplifier. Electronic amplifiers are used as personalspeakers either for training with other members of the band or for intimate,small gigs. A good amplifier should be able to amplify both low frequency andhigh-pitched sounds, while keeping the music clear and crisp.After wasting a hefty sum of money, we found out that valueof money is not equal to quality.

We are here to give you a guide to the bestdrum amps out there on the market. So, you can get the best out of yourelectronic kits.Simmons DA 50 Electronic Drum Amplifier:Pros:·        Great quality·        Responsive to both high pitched and lowfrequency sounds·        Good value for priceCons:·        Huge in size·        33 pounds in weightThe Simmons DA 50 is an amazing, high value electronic drumamplifier. It is targeted at users who are relatively low on budget, but stillwant to get out of their kits.DA 50 is a 50-watt power amplifier. It has the ability toproduce low frequency, deep sounds thanks to its heavy duty, 10-inch woofer.High pitched, sharp sounds can also be produced by a high frequency tweeterfeatured in the kit.Boasting a three-band equalizer, the Simmons DA 50 allowsits users to create the perfect sound harmony.

An MP3 is also part of the drumset monitor. It allows you to play your favorite music, so you can practice byplaying along with it. With a headphone jack, you can continue to play withoutdisturbing those around you.It has incredible durability due to its metal jacketprotecting its front. It can handle the toll of moving around, but being a 33lb.

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piece, mobility is not its strong feature.All in all, the Simmons DA 50 is one of the best electronicdrum amplifier out there in the market. It comes at a price, but it iscertainly worth it.

Behringer Ultratone KT 108:Pros:·        Affordable·        Vintage tube sound·        LightweightCons:·        Not loud enough for a big room·        Not good with high notesA compact model launched by Behringer, the Ultratone KT 108is 20 W amplifier for electronic drums. With two channels and an 8-inch dualcone BUGERA speaker, it is perfect for close intimate gigs, practice or thestudio.The three-band equalizer provides amazing and seamless soundshaping and manipulation. The VTC (Virtual Tube Circuitry) is also a greataddition, imitating warm, vintage, tube sounds.

It works quite well with lowtones, however the quality drops steadily as the note rises.Featuring two separate controllers for both the channels,the Ultratone KT 108 provides enough options for the perfect sound. Equippedwith a CD player, the user can also play songs and music to practice. Aheadphone jack provides noise control for family and neighbors.

Weighing around ten pounds, the KT 108 is small in size andperfect for transportation. A metal jacket is used to protects all the partsinside the wooden box, so it can provide security and a good feel at the sametime.In conclusion, the Behringer KT 108 is an affordable drumamp for players with a budget. It provides Peavey KB 1 Keyboard Amp:Pros:·        Affordable·        Two channels·        Small in sizeCons:·        Moderately heavy·        No MP3 player Offering sharp, polished sound, the Peavey KB 1 provides awide range of sound, that can keep up with the best of electronic drum kits. Itis also very good at cleaning unwanted, white noise.It is a 20-Watt powered instrument, which is a bit much forits small size.

This makes it perfect for small gigs. Furthermore, it featuresan extended range speaker to provide louder sounds with a stronger bass.Featuring two channels, each stocked with a two-bandequalizer, the KB 1 is perfect for manipulation of music. Treble and bass canbe changed separately on each channel, producing harmonious sounds. A headphonejack allows you to have some privacy while respecting those in yoursurroundings.

The Peavey KB 1 is moderately heavy and weighs around 16pounds. It is reasonably easy to transport due to its small size. A metal meshprotects the speakers, while metal corners protect the edges. Last but not theleast, it comes with a 5-year warranty. All of these aspects make it theperfect amplifiers for the player on a budget.Alesis TRANSACTIVE 400Pros:·        Great value for priceCons:·        Large in sizeThe top recommendation for most critics is the AlesisTRANSACTIVE 400. It provides high quality sound at an affordable price.

Being remarkably realistic in sound, it provides a finelypolished and clean output of the music. It provides the most number of optionsof all the amplifiers reviewed here. It lets you adjust many aspects of yourmusic with the help of standard set of controls.

Frequency, bass and tone arejust few of the options available.

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