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The International Association of
Classification Societes (IACS) was created in 1968. The IACS serves some
purposes that are below, promote high standards in safety, liaison closely with
the shipping industry and organisations and pollution prevention. The majority
of the world’s merchant shipping tonnage assormented by the 12 countries of the
International Association of Classification Societies. Primary purpose of IACS
is maritime safety and safe ships. Firstly IACS members classified the ships
and most international administrations comply with the rules of the IACS
members for the operation of the fleet, as well as compliance and mandatory
requirements. The members participate in the work of the IMO making annual
surveys. Have the common line in the development of international conventions
and provides technical support to members of the IMO. ?ACS judges which ships are appropriate and
which does not. “IACS member includes ABS (US of A), BV (France), CCS (China),
CRS (Croatia), DNV GL (Germany), IRS (India), KR (South Korea), LR (UK), PRS
(Poland), RINA (Italy), RS (Russia).” IACS is non – governmental organization
but actively participates as consultant and observer of the IMO and Members –
States. Also IACS participates in MSC, MEPC, ISM as well as any othe – sub –
committees and such. Many of the IACS activities are Ship classification
services, ensuring high standards as norm for IACS members, IACS introduced the
QSCS in 1991, IACS has publications that help members and provide the members
technical knowhow and suggestions. IACS is the main partner of the
International Maritime Organization (IMO). The IMO guideline are issued by the
IACS. One of the most important and recognizable directives was Safety of Life
at Sea (SOLAS).


Question 2

Load line shows the ship’s draft and the
maximum loading limit a ship depending on the sea. The load line is placed in
the middle of the boat. The reason for the load lines was because many
accidents have occurred due to overloading on board. It took several years to
come up with an international agreement that would set the ideal boundary –
line of loading. In 1930 it became the first international agreement on the
load, where by the years it changed until 2003. The main purpose of the load lines
is to record the maximum loading limit on a ship. The load line is necessary
because it detects, if the craft is overloaded and it’s freeboard tremendously
easy and effortless. It is worth noting that the limit freeboard for the ship
is not stable, because the seas differ between them. For this reason they have
made different zone in the world map, each having a different limit in the load
line. All vessels must have this load line marking at the centre position if
the length of the vessels exceeds 24 cm. “There are two types of Load
line markings:-

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Standard Load Line marking –
This is applicable to all types of vessels.
Timber Load Line Markings –
This is applicable to vessels carrying timber cargo.”

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