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       The field of medicine that interests me most would have to be, without a doubt, sports medicine. Sports medicine is the rehabilitation of a person’s physical orientation, sports medicine does not just include athletes, it includes anyone trying to get back to a sense of normality after an injury or perhaps an illness. The sports medicine field can be broken down into many different areas such as physical therapy, athletic training, and sports medicine physicians, just to name a few. Sports medicine is a fast growing healthcare field, after a person is treated and maybe cured it is just as important to get that person right back in the swing of things, because l believe that the discipline of this field is significant.     When you are injured you have to remember that injuries can affect you long term, not just short term. This is also my why sports medicine is important, individuals in this field try their best to prevent a person from having any everlasting pain overtime. In the article “Sports medicine expert helps athlete prevent long-term elbow and shoulder injury” an athlete named Brandon sustained an injury from baseball, with the help of Dr. Megan Conti Mica, Brandon returned to baseball and was able to move forward in his career, Brandon stated that “Dr. Conti Mica gave me life lessons about my injury”. This shows why the discipline of sports medicine is very important, without it others like Brandon who have been injured would perhaps not have a chance of a fresh start from their injuries.      Sports medicine also does not just involve recovering from injury, this field also involves helping someone improve their athletic abilities. Individuals in the sports medicine field help assure that you can perform to your highest ability without overdoing it. This is very important for athletes especially those who participate in professional sports, it is very essential that athletes don’t push themselves above their limits because this could result in injury. People who aren’t athletes also need to know their athletic abilities and how not to exceed them, this could potentially end in im injury as well.      The field of sports medicine is a very important discipline in the medical field, without it some athletes may have never had careers again or someone may have not been able to walk again or enjoy they physical activities that they participate in. We need sports medicine, the medical field would most certainly not be the same without it. Whether your physical injury is minor or major you can rest assure that the person who will treat you will be an individual in this field.

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