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The comparison
between two amazing British writers who earned people ‘s attention for their
amazing work in their field of writing, both are very successful and hard
working, but they sometimes have differences and similarities and many people
compare the their writing to one another because their very similar in
everything they write about. Many of the same achievements throughout their
careers are the same, through their careers both authors have made adaptations
for their book, for harry potter they made it into an movie and for game of
thrones they made it into a television show, after the movie and show they both
grew a wider audience because not everyone read book some will rather watch the
movies. Comparing two amazing writers is very hard because they both have something
special about them and its different from the other.            

Raymond Richard martin often referred to as George R. R. martin he is one of
the greatest American writers out there and his best work is writing about
fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He has born on September 20, 1948, in new
jersey united states. Martin’s influence in writing comes from this upbringing
he used to walk the streets of New York city from his house to the school in
the long walks he took he thought to him self in this limited world I’m in he
started to think about traveling the world, but the only way of doing so was through his imagination, I enjoyed HBO’s “Game of Thrones”
quite a lot, which naturally got me interested in the books by George R. R.
Martin. By watching the TV series, I read the book shortly after watching the
show and I was truly mesmerized by the thought of the way Gorge R.R. martin
express his knowledge in his stories, after gorge R. R. martin stated the show
the popularity of his brand grow in many ways because when gorge R. R. martin
created the book series it caught peoples attention because it attracted the
book readers, when they made the show it was a commercial success due to its
massive fans of the book and the newly established TV show. The fame of gorge
R. R. increase form the release of the show because of the main stream media
and the help of the fans. Many people believe that without the hobbit game of
thrones wouldn’t exist without it, I believe that this statement isn’t true
because their both about different concept, the hobbit is about something truly
else because its more fictional and unrealistic than game of thrones and they
use more fictional characters and story lines more than game of thrones, for
example in game of thrones they use real people (humans) but in the hobbit there
are elves, wizards and hobbits.    


Joanne Rowling was born on 31 July 1965 who writes under the
name jk Rowling and Robert Galbraith. She is the biggest British novelist and
screenwriter who is known for her work in the harry potter fantasy series. By
her work in harry potter she won multiple awards and recognition in the work
she has done, in five years jk Rowling change her life from living a normal
life to becoming a multi-millionaire within five years. She is the best selling
living authors in the United Kingdom, Rowling’s estimated fortune is worth 600
million and she is ranked 197th wealthiest person in the United
Kingdom. from a young age I enjoyed the work of Joanne Rowling “jk Rowling”
because of harry potter. Its one of the most famous works of art released by a
writer many people praise JK Rowling for here work because it can attract the
audience of all ages from small kids to adults. JK didn’t just create a story, she created
an entire world. A
world that is so detailed and intricate, it quite frankly blows our mind. The
longer you read the stories the more you enter the world of JK Rowling. Like
Gorge R. R. martin their popularity increased after they released a movie or a
show, JK Rowling has a household name after the release of the movie franchise.
J. K. Rowling has been through many obstacles in
her lifetime. She lost her mother at an early age and she was a single mother
struggling to get by. People look at her, knowing what she’s been through, and
see what she has accomplished. She has had a major impact many people
throughout her career and lifetime. Many people look to the “Harry Potter”
series and find refuge in it because people relate to at least one of the
characters and the themes within it.

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similar aspects between gorge R. R. martin and JK Rowling are endless in so
many way, the two franchises are very similar in many different aspects weather
its with the same way of writing and also they have the same way of the
adaptation of character’s, and the way of their writing comes from the same
source writing about the fantasy genre and they two are the best among the many
writes in their class, the both writers also like to focus on their characters
and how their characters change everything the the story in revolved around
them the main example is harry potter the hole fancies is based around him,
gorge R. R. martin focuses on two main characters Jon snow and Deanerys
Targarian they both are equally important and the story revolves around them. Gorge
and Joanne they both have a wide range of characters and all of them shape the
stories into becoming better and more interesting and diverse. In game of
thrones and harry potter they both use the same idea of magic and fantasy in
both book magic is a big part but more in harry potter because its about magic
and sorcery and in game of thrones the idea of magic is there but they don’t use
it the way its adapted in the harry potter books, in game of thrones the way they
use magic in a more meaningful if a character dies they use magic to revive the
died in a way and also they use magic to protect something or someone, in the
books they used magic to protect a massive wall in the north from allowing
creatures to go throw the wall, magic in harry potter is adapted differently where
the form of magic is more of spells and wounds, they use magic more frequently in
there world and its something common to everyone.


rivalry between gorge r. r. martin’s and JK Rowling started when JK Rowling
resaved the award for best novel in 2001 Hugo awards, Martin’s fans and perhaps Martin himself are still
bitter. they both share a lot of
achievements over their careers for JK Rowling two of the most important achievements,
in 1999 she won the author of the year and in 2007 she was named time’s person
of the year. The same goes to gorge R. R. martin the two most important achievements
are in 2006 he was nominated for the best novel and in 2012 he won the best
fantasy novel. Both writers started their
careers at the same time, they where both young and new to the seen, before the
release of (A song of ice and fire) game of thrones gorge R. R. martin released
a couple of different books both from the same genre fantasy, for Joanne
Rowling her first book that she released was the first book from the harry
potter saga. the first to start between the two was gorge R.R. martin he released
the first book a game of thrones from the song of ice and fire on august 1,1996,
the release of the first harry potter book was published a year after the
release of game of thrones, on June 26 1997. Both writers take their time with
their work and there isn’t a time period for them to publish their work,
sometimes it takes 2 years and sometimes it takes 10 years it depends on their
work force in this year they may do a lot or to little. For the second release of
the game of thrones books is the clash of kings it was released on September 5
2000 after the first one in 4 years, the second release from the harry potter
book was published 8 July 1998. For Gorge R. R. martin after releasing the
first two books he took a slower route for publishing the rest of his book till
today he still didn’t publish all this books from game of thrones. J K Rowling
was more productive and faster in the release of her books she finished and
published all her books from harry potter by 21 July 2007.



the harry potter series by JK Rowling and game of thrones by
gorge R.R. martin most probably don’t attract the same audience, both of the
book have the same feel of magic and shocking sequences. But game of thrones
has more of a valance feel in the story and it has a bit more of adult
materials, rather than harry potter its more joyful and kid friendly to the
audience. people try to think that JK Rowling in very harsh to her characters
and kills a lot of them, its nothing compared to Gorge R. R. martin he is the
most writer to kill off his characters and most deaths are unexpected and shocking
when it happens in one of his books and about 20 main characters died already
in the books. Also there is a difference in the writing process many people
state that JK Rowling in able to work and finish a book faster than gorge R. R.
martin, in her stories JK Rowling doesn’t have to go in depth in her writing
the way Gorge has gone, its normal for a Gorge R. R. Martin to take over five
years to release another book and his fans are willing to wait for the
masterpiece that about to serve then by Gorge R. R. martin, other than writing
stories JK Rowling writes screen plays and her most famous screen play it’s the
harry potter and the cursed child. Also the world of game of thrones in based
in the past and the recorded history of Westeros extends back over 12,000 years
according to the tradition in the books, though the accuracy of the legends and
myths that recount much of this history is openly questioned by the masters of
the citadel amongst others, this is all from the book were it states this
information. the period where harry potter takes place is in the modern times
and they face todays problems. Also the thing that makes them both different is
the sense of realism in game of thrones that harry potter don’t have, yes game
of thrones is a bit off about something but fiction isn’t a big part in the
storyline of game of thrones rather than harry potter, the battles the fight in
the books its very true to our time and many people may not agree but its true.



Yes, Game of Thrones, the first
book in Martin’s Song and Ice of Fire series, was published a year before
Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. But it’s the books about
the spectacled, scarred wizard that normalized fantasy and paved the way for a
generation of nerds and geeks to grow up feeling no embarrassment whatsoever
for their devotion to the genre. Without
first being introduced to Harry Potter, it’s difficult to imagine an audience
rapidly following six convoluted seasons of a television program about palace
intrigue, courtly love and dragons. Both writers have a place in my heart and
inspire me everyday to fallow my dreams and live my life in the best way from
their books to their movies and its all very special to me because I grew up
admiring both of their amazing work.   

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