The Agriculture, Food, & Natural
Resources Career Cluster focuses on management, development, and use of natural
resources. The Schwan Food Company posted 2,000 jobs in 2016 alone. Some things
that would further your career process would be a driver’s license, Occupational
Health & Safety Administration certification, Food Safety Program, first aid
certification, and Safe Quality Food Agricultural certification. Some skills
that would be in demand are quality assurance, preventative maintenance
inspection, good manufacturing practice, quality control, and electrical systems.
There were many jobs available in agriculture, food, and natural resources in
Minnesota. 2,458 jobs are advertised in the Northeast, 40,375 in the metro,
5,896 in central Minnesota, 5,308 advertised online in the Southeast, and 5,432
in the southwest.

The Business, Management & Administration Career Cluster has
five career pathways including, administrative support, operations management,
business information management, human resources management, and general
management. Some skills overlap with related pathways in finance, agribusiness,
information technology, and other career opportunities. Some skills in demand
would include communication skills, detail-oriented, problem solving, project management,
and customer service-oriented. Some certifications in demand are Project Management
Professional, Occupational Safety & Health Admin, Certified Information
Systems Security Prof, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Professional, and Food Safety Programs. The top software skills in demand are Microsoft
Office Package, Microsoft Office Visio, Microsoft SharePoint, Linux, and UNIX. There
were 2,221 jobs advertised in Crow Wing County. 77% of the state’s management
and administration jobs were advertised in the Twin Cities, with a large
increase in job opportunities posted in Eden Prairie and Hopkins. There was a
5% increase in well- paying management and administration jobs in the Mankato
area, and a 22% increase in opportunities in Mower County in 2016.

The Finance Cluster of the Business
Career Field prepares learners for excellent careers in banking, insurance,
business financial management, and investment planning. The top skills in demand
are communication skills, detail-oriented, problem solving, customer service-oriented,
and integrity. The top certifications are Certified Public Accountant,
Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, State Insurance License, Certified
Internal Auditor, and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The top software
skills needed are General Ledger Software, Microsoft Office Package, Human
Resources Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning Software, and Oracle
PeopleSoft Financial Management. Hundreds of finance opportunities are
available at companies like Wells Fargo, United FCS, and Farm Credit in Central
Minnesota. There was a 14% increase in well-paying finance jobs in the Mankato
area. Lastly, 77% of the state’s finance jobs were advertised in the Twin
Cities, with the biggest growth in jobs in suburbs like Hopkins, Woodbury,
Shakopee, and Brooklyn Park.

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