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The Man in the Water A hero is a person who has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model. People devote their lives on a daily basis to acts of kindness and saving people’s lives. Who is a bigger hero? A firefighter or soldier who dedicates their lifetime to saving people and risking their own lives on a daily basis or a normal everyday person who acts it a moment of crisis? The Man in the Water stepped up after Flight 90 took a turn for the worse and crashed into a bridge.

Survivors ending up in the Potomac River forced an everyday person to go into such an unselfishness mode. Every time the helicopter got lowered into the water he would help another person escape instead of taking it himself. At such a time like this the Mane in the Water had the true definition of a hero, taking the plunge in saving other people’s lives and ending his own. I do believe that everyday people that act heroically in moments of crisis are bigger heroes than people that devote their lives to heroic causes.

People who devote their lives to heroic causes knew what they were in for, it was their choice to risk their lives on a day to day basis and take place in the job and events they are in. Everyday people who act heroically in moments of crisis don’t know what’s coming. It takes true courage and strength to step up and help other people in such a situation. Not knowing the outcome and if they’re going to live or die makes them a very powerful person. He was willing to help every single person he could instead of helping himself and that’s what makes him a true hero!

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