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The invention of smartphones was a turning point in our
lives because it transformed our lives in many ways. Smartphones have harmful effects
on human development. Without smartphones, the spread of social media would not
be possible. Smartphones are seen as small computers, which give you more
access than the regular cell phone. Nowadays smartphones have a high level of
entertainment in addition to the features of personal or business computers. Some
experts believe that the world would be much healthier without smartphones.
These people argue that they have caused a negative impact on social
relationships, health, and other parts of our life. Over the past decade,
smartphones had been radically improved to make our lives less complicated, however;
we should not ignore the negative side of smartphones. Social is playing a
vital role in the success of smartphones, because of social media its possible
to share data, video, pictures, and other tasks. Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler,
Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are the examples of social media. Every day
millions of people are on their phones talking, texting, and taking pictures. Smartphones
can cause a distraction, and disconnect us from the social world.


First, How many times do you check your phone a day? I
guessed 25 times, however, that isn’t even close to the reality. Apple says
that iPhone users unlock their phones users unlock their phones 80 times a day.
Unfortunately, a research firm found that we are utilizing our smartphones more
than 2,500 times a day. The majority of us check our phone in front of kids,
during meetings, when we wake up, while we eat, while we should be sleeping,
and some people use it in the bathroom. Smartphone addiction is a serious
addiction that a few people are arguing about, perhaps due the fact that we are
almost universally addicted.

Some people are wondering why can’t we stop? Well, the answer rests in our
brain. Did you ever felt anxiety and concern about being away from your

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That’s not imaginary; it’s what really addiction feels like.
Smartphones trigger to release a chemical called “Dopamine” resulting in
addiction problems. It’s the same chemical released when you smoke, gamble, and
drink. In other words, it’s highly addictive. Ignoring work, individuals, and
other responsibilities just to check your phone is a sign of addiction. At some
point of current 60 minutes piece, researchers at California nation collage,
Dominguez Hills, connected to reporter Anderson Cooper’s figures to measure modifications
in heart rate and perspiration, just as that they had completed previously with
topics in the experiment. Then they sent text messages to his smartphone but they
kept his phone far away from him. No surprise, Cooper’s breathing changed, his
perspiration expands and his heart rate spiked with each notification. My
generation is going to be the peak of failure in society. Personally, I can’t
go a day without my phone. Once I was in such a rush to get to my uncle house
that I didn’t realize I had forgotten to grab my phone from the desk.
Throughout the day, I felt empty and incomplete. The day seemed to go on for
forever. All I kept thinking about was that what things I was missing on
Instagram and Facebook or the possibly important things my friends would send
in texts that I couldn’t receive When the day was finally over, I was relieved
that I could go home and be reunited with my phone. Many of my other friends
experienced this problem as well. Whenever they forget their phones at home for
a day, they got anxious; it was as if they couldn’t live without their phones. We
need to learn to look up from the phone. Teenagers need to not be so addicted
to their phones because they are missing out on life. They are missing out on
making memories with the family at the family gathering. They are missing out
on making memories with their friends. They are missing out on their little
sibling memories. Teens have the fear of missing out on life. However, What
they will never realize is they already missed out on most of it and they grew
up. They had missed the most important part of life. 

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