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American dream according to the internet is an idea of freedom, equality and
opportunity to every man. Everyone has the same rights and it doesn’t matter which
race, ethnicity, culture or gender. It’s an ideology where everyone is as much
equal as the person next to you. When you mention the American dream, many people
think about being rich, owning expensive stuff and living your life without
care. However, for some it might as well just be living a normal life with you
family and living in a lovely home, where you come home to you wife and
children when you come home from work. The American Dream depends on the
persons dreams and what he/she is willingly to do to achieve those dreams.


Christopher Paul Gardner, his life started in a rough way. Born February 9,
1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he lived with his sisters, mother and their
abusive stepfather. Gardner and his sisters were first placed in foster care
when one of their sister were falsely accused of welfare fraud. Their second
time in foster care was when Gardner was only eight years old. The reason was
unknown to them at the time, but apparently their mother tried to kill their
stepfather by setting the house on fire while he was still inside. They found
out about her imprisonment while they were in their uncle’s funeral. When a
prison guard escorted their mother.

was inspired to enlist in the U.S Navy of his now deceased uncle, who told
about all his worldwide adventures. Gardner enlisted when he finished secondary
schooling and got stationed at camp Lejeune in North Carolina. In the Navy, he
met Dr.Robert Ellis who is a decorated Cardiac surgeon that is working in San
Francisco. Robert offered Gardner a job, and he gladly accepted. After his service
in the Navy, he went to University of California Medical Center to assist
Robert with clinical research. After two years of accepting the job offer, he
learned how to manage a laboratory and perform different surgical procedures. By
1976 Gardner had been given full responsibility for a laboratory and he helped
Robert with several different articles, which were published in medical journals.

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married Sherry Dyson on June 18, 1977, who was an educational expert in mathematics.
But his relationships drastically change when he gets advises to change his
dream of being a physician. Gardner and Sherry began getting different behaviours,
when Gardner was still living with Sherry, he began an affair with a dental
student named Jackie Medina, Jackie soon got pregnant and after three years
with Sherry he moved in with Jackie. After nine full years Gardner and Sherry
finally got a divorce in 1986. To support his new-born child, he quit his job
and got a new one which was a salesman in medicine. While on work he encountered
a man impeccably dressed in a red Ferrari. Curios as Gardner was he went up to
the man and asked him what he did for a living. The man told him that he was a
stockbroker and from that moment Gardner’s career path was decided. The man
Gardner meet was Bob Bridges, who managed to introduce him to the world of
finance. Bridges managed to get Gardner meetings with many different stock

now on it all went downhill, Gardner quit his job to focus on the training
program which he got in one of the firms. However, on his first day at work he
found out that he man who hired him got fired a week before. And making matters
worse his relationship with Jackie went down the drain. one day Jackie tried to
run away with their child, Chris Jr. but Gardner tried to take the child back
and managed to swing Jackie in a garden bush. The policed witnessed this and apprehended
Gardner initially for the incident, but later he was detained for not paying
his non-payed parking bills. Gardner was sent to jail and the judge ordered him
to stay there for ten days as punishment for not paying the tickets. When he
got back from jail he came home to an empty apartment. Anyway, he managed to
get a job in Dean Witter Reynolds stock brokerage training program with no salary.


was very persistent he came in to work early and stayed late. In 1982 his hard
work finally payed off when Gardner passed his exam, and became a full employee
to the firm.  About four months later
Jackie came back with the child and left him there with Gardner, the housing
complex that Gardner stayed at did not allow children and with his small salary
they quickly became homeless. Although none of his co-workers new about this he
and his child often had to sleep outside. While concerned for Chris Jr. we
contacted Reverend Cecil Williams to allow them to stay in a shelter for
homeless women. They agreed and Gardner and his son could stay.

finding a new home he got contact with Jackie and they had a second child named
Jacintha. Although Gardner turned down the offer to get back together with
Jackie, he arranged for Chris and Jacintha to stay with Jackie while he was

now his career went up, he started his own firm called Gardner Rich & Co.
in Chicago. In 2006, he sold his small stake in Gardner & Co. in a multimillion
dollar deal. He became CEO and founder of Cristopher Gardner international
holding. He later visited South Africa under the celebration of the 10th
anniversary of apartheid. He also met with Nelson Mandela. In Gardner’s autobiography,
he was reportedly developing an investment venture with south Africa that could
create hundreds of jobs and millions in foreign currency. Garner has also been
helping around in the us where sponsors and charity organizations. And offering
momentary support as donating shoes and clothes. Gardner has also helped fund a
50 million dollar project in San Francisco, where that created low-income
housing and work opportunities. Gardner also wrote another book called “The
Pursuit of Happyness” that came out in 2006. The misspelling of happiness came
from a sign that Gardner saw when he dropped his son of to day care while still
being homeless. The book later got made into a movie starring Will Smith and
Jaden Smith in the main rolls.

think that Christopher Paul Gardner managed to achieve the American dream, was first
that the managed to achieve his own dreams. Where he managed to be a professional
stockbroker. He followed his own dreams to help and support his child through
thick and thin. He did all this to create a promising future for his children
and for all the other people that he has helped, and are still helping. Not only
is he a millionaire but he is also a man who knows how it has been being homeless,
and now he is trying to give back to the community where he grew up and help
the homeless. He worked hard to achieve his dream and that is not an easy task
to do. Especially doing it homeless while taking care of your child.   





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