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The Composer I chose to write about is Michael Tippett. Michael Tippett was born January 2, 1905 and he was born in Eastcote, United Kingdom and he died in London, United Kingdom on January 8, 1998 which would make him 93 years old when he died. Michaels talent developed slowly he destroyed his earliest compositions and was 30 before any of his works were published. He was a radio broadcaster and writer of music for most of his life. In his early life he worked a job and then composed but as he got older he only composed songs as a job. He had 71 choral pieces composed and published but he had several that were not published. A Child of Our Time, the Orchestra Fantasia Concertante on a theme of Corelli, and the opera The Midsummer Marriage were his most famous pieces. Michael was one of the leading British Composers of the 20th century. He was in the military and he was imprisoned in 1943 for refusing to carry out war related duties. He was homosexual the Jungian dichotomy of shadow and light remained a recurring factor in his music. The first choral piece I choose to right about is The Midsummer Marriage. I chose this piece because it was one of his most famous pieces and it was one of his earliest pieces that got composed so I thought it would be cool to learn about one of his most famous and one of his earliest pieces. This piece stands out to me because it is about a forest cleaning and that is good for our nature and that just seems like it would sound cool. It makes me think of many emotions because the song changes many times over the song which would kinda makes sense for what it is about. The song The Midsummer Marriage is written for SATB (mixed choir) and there is 2 flutes doubling up for the piccolos there is also clarinets, bassoons, french horns, trumpets, trombones, timpani, two percussionists playing snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, triangle, gong, tubular bells, harp, celestra, and strings. The song sounds kinda both fast and slow at certain times it is slow and then other times it really picks up speed, but I think the song is suppose to be happy and it sounds happy and it sounds really relaxing so i’m pretty sure that is a good thing, and this piece was written in English. Michael’s backstory of this piece was first visual he imagined a wooden hill top with a temple where a warm and soft young man was being rebuffed by a cold and hard young woman to such a degree that the collective magical archetypes take charge. The second piece I am choosing to write about is A Child of Our Time. I chose this piece because I seen some of its reviews and it was all good reviews and most of them that commented on it said it was their favorite piece out of all of the other ones he had so I thought that would be a good opportunity to see how good it is or what I think about it. This piece stands out to me because it is about an assassination of 1938 of a German diplomat by a young jewish refugee. It makes me think about all the refugees that we have. It is written for SATB (mixed choir) and for instruments it has flutes, oboes, english horn, clarinets, bassoons, contrabassoon, horns, trumpets, trombones, timpani, cymbals, and strings. This song is kinda slow and it seems kinda sad which would make sense for the refugees. This piece is written in english, the backstory of this piece is that he tried to follow the lives of 25 young children as they grow into adults. The final piece I am choosing to write about is Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli. I chose to write about this piece because I looked up what the song meant and it was cool to hear what it was about. What makes this piece stand out to me so well is how they played the music so well and how they changed the tempo on it throughout the song so it was kinda exciting hearing it throughout the song because it gives it energy to change it instead of the same slow or fast the whole song. This piece makes me think of the ups and downs of life because of all the changing of the tempo’s and I think that is a good thing it makes you reflect on your life and what you might want to change and what you still want to keep in your life or what you might change to become a better person then you are. There isn’t any parts listed for this song it is all for a string orchestra. In this orchestra they have violins, cello, and a harmonica. The overall tone of this piece is it is fast and slow throughout the song but if I had to chose one it is mostly slow but it does change to fast a few times in the song. This piece is written in English, and the backstory of this song is to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Italian composer Arcangelo Corelli, and it was first performed on August 29th 1953 in the Usher Hall conducted by Michael Tippett. think the music that I chose to write about was interesting and I thought they all were very unique in their own way but I think that is for every song that has ever been created they are all created for a certain purpose and they all mean something to someone or something and they are all unique even if you don’t like the song or don’t like the composer of the song. Some of the parts in his songs sounded somewhat the same but some of it was different like some of them went different tempo’s others had different instruments the one song only had instruments and others had trumpets and clarinets or just about whatever instrument you could think about it was in there. Also two of the songs was made for the whole choir SABT (mixed choir) while the other one was just instruments. I thought it was a little different to learn about a composer I never knew anything about but it was cool to listen to the songs that he composed and how he made them and what the story was behind them songs and what made him get started composing songs. Overall I thought this went pretty good and I hope everything went well on here. Works Cited Page

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