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Ambulance Tracking System (ATS) is an application to allow the administration
of emergency response system. It maintains locations of ambulances that can be
dynamically configured at administration time. The system maintains a history
of response results for analysis.




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When a person suffers
fatal injuries in a road accident or when he collapses on the road due to heat
stroke or cardiac arrest, it is the people around who tend to help the
aggrieved. These Samaritans are our motivation. With ATS RESCUE, we are trying
to equip them with the power to save lives!

Using the ATS RESCUE
mobile application, one can book the nearest ambulance and look for the nearest
health care facility, which is made possible by the GPS technology.

By virtually connecting
this ‘holy triad’ of the Patient, the transport vehicle and the health care
facility, we aim to build the most reliable Emergency Medical Response network,
which is not only accessible to all, but also affordable to the common people.







ATS RESCUE app has,
First Aid Feature that helps you to make emergency prepared which might help
someone who knew little knowledge about CPR, or first aid can step forward to
help the victim before the Ambulance arrives by delivering the basic first aid
to stabilize the victim.

This app also gives you
the access to add your emergency trusted contacts, which are notified during
emergency situations with your location details & helps in tracking the progress
on the emergency incident.

The platform is designed
with an intention to drive a lot of voluntary activities and to spread the
awareness of Emergency preparedness. People can register as a blood donor and
as a First responder (only certified) and get intimated during Emergency.

is a free emergency medical application for android phones that lets you to
connect emergency services including ambulance & emergency contact with
just a tap. You only need to have the app installed & tap the corresponding
icon to call.



1.3       Objectives of the work


ATS will enable an ambulance to monitor the whereabouts of available

The objective of ATS RESCUE app is  to provide one touch access to all medical
emergency services by finding their nearest efficient First
responders & ambulance services in the shortest
possible time by locating shorter path, than the conventional way of sending
the ambulance all the way from hospital to a critical spot & to provide
quick attention for the accident & trauma victim and to provide instant
help for the victim.

All these services
of ATS RESCUE app are 24/7, location
based, and real time. The person in distress or the guardian can check
their nearby
ambulance services based on their location by enabling GPS
on the mobile phone & can connect with them using ambulance
helpline number through ATS RESCUE
app. All these services are available with the touch of a button &
assisting people in distress much more efficiently and dispatching ambulance
services to the patient. This app will be 200+ ambulances alone in KARACHI and
we are in talks to tie up with some more service provider to assist & save
the maximum lives.


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