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The King and I 1. The old Siam treated women very poorly one example is;When Tuptim was captured, after searching for Lun Tha. The King is determined to punish by whipping Tuptim. Anna tries to persuade him not to, but he takes the whip himself to prove that he is not taking advice. Another example is when Anna stands her ground about the house and insists on the letter, threatening to leave Siam. The King orders her to obey as “my servant”. Et cetera Et cetera Et cetera 2. Mrs. Anna changed the King by showing him the ways of the modern western world.

She wanted to show him that you cant keep a culture the same for decades. When Mrs. Anna came to Siam she was able to change his ways almost instantly. In reward “The King assembles his family for a Buddhist prayer for the success of the venture and acknowledges before Buddha that Anna will receive her own house. ” 3. One event to prove that the King has changed is when he didn’t whip Tuptim because of Mrs. Anna. When Tuptim ran away the King made his servants find her. After he found her Mrs.

Anna gave him a very deep stare and talk about how she was not going to run away. He threatened to whip her but evenly gave in. 4. /5. The main reason for Tuptim writing the Small House of Uncle Thomas is very clear. In my option is she wanted to have a anti-slavery theme. In the middle of the the play Tuptim begged of the King to free her. The King refused and scolded her and made her go back to the play. She tried to portray though her play that she had a love that was being prevented by the slavery. 6.

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Eliza was very similar to Tuptim because she was also a slave. Eliza also ran away from the King. When the King of Siam heard of this he was “disgraced” . At the message of the play he was very displeased. 7. Mrs. Anna went to Siam to teach modern ways. Mrs. Anna also went to Siam for advancement of Siam’s kingdom scientifically. Mrs. Anna also was a schoolteacher to the crowned Prince or future King. She was to help new King but turned out to help past and future King. 8. Mrs. Anna wanted to leave Siam many times but never did.

She originally wanted to leave because she was not granted the house promised in the agreement. The reason why she stayed was for the children. She also did not leave because she was convinced that she could convince the King . Not only in modern ways but in the house issue . 9. Mrs. Anna respected the King in a special way. She respected the way he tried to help Siam advance. But she defiantly did not respect him for his slavery law. She tried and succeed to help that. As the story progresses she too gains more and more respect for the King and visa-verso. 0. The many qualities of Mrs. Anna the I respect is how she stands up for what she and Britain believes in. She has a very strong heart and will power. Though she does have a rough outer coating she is very sweet and soft on the inside. When she stands up for herself most people back down . 11. I admire many things about the King. One is his will power for his country he tries to help his country. I know this because he brings in Mrs. Anna. Also i admire that he listens to other peoples options, Sometimes . On the other hand he was a mean cruel man.

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