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The above words reflectKasturi’s desperate cry to have another child. Kasturi’s pain was not onlybecause of her continuous child birth, but she was humiliated by others especiallyby her sister in – law, who made fun right in front of her. Lot of measurestaken to abort the eleventh child was in vain only as she had the child on acold December night.

A western allopath doctor finally comes to her rescue anddeclares that her repeated births deplete the body and should be stopped fromanother pregnancy. Kasturi was brought upon the conventional principles ofpatriarchal society, where marriage was the ultimate destiny of a girl’s lifeand marriage implied that a girl had to work tirelessly to please her in –laws. Kasturi was very happy in her patriarchal male dominated society eventhough she faces much trauma and above all she insists her daughter Virmati tofollow the same as her mother. Thus Kasturi is portrayed as a typical Indianwoman who strongly follows the patriarchal norms .

She is habituated to liveunder the male dominance and she personally favors the male dominance in thefamily.The character ofVirmati is seen as the flag bearer of the same type which she had received inthe hands of her mother Kasturi. Virmati’s relationship with her mother wasalways problematic. Kasturi felt that Virmati had been sent to her aspunishment that she had to bear her throughout her life. Kasturi oftencriticized her daughter for having dreams on her life, which wereunconventional and improper for a girl to cherish in the patriarchal structure.

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Kasturi strongly rooted inside her, how a woman without her own house andfamily was a woman without moorings. Also she implored her to settle down witha domestic life like other girls of her age did. Virmathi had to do the dailychores and was often abused by her mother without any apparent reasons.

Virmatifailed in her exams because of her excess domestic duties. Though failed in herexams and burdened by her domestic duties Virmati’s craving for highereducation was deeply enrooted inside her. Virmati was often torn between familyduties, the desire for pursuing higher education and her love with the marriedprofessor Harish Chandra. One after another Kasturi gave birth to children andthe whole burden of household work increased upon Virmathi, being the eldestdaughter of the family.

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