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The milestones in my life have actively shaped my
perspectives and goals. By extension, my work so far has influenced my
education and career choices. Last year, as a volunteer for an NGO,
‘Wordsworth’, I taught math and English to children from deprived families. The
drive to understand their situation led me to be a part of the NGO ‘Deep
shades’ where I collected data on children and women of slums. I attempted to
understand the unwillingness
of the unfortunate parents to send their kids to school and realized the
vicious circle in which they are trapped. So, during the next stint as a
volunteer with ‘Lions Club International’ besides imparting knowledge, I
highlighted the importance of education to them and their parents.


the aegis of the NGO, I organized various events and campaigns in diversified
institutions to spread awareness about cancer. Soon with my persistence and
hard work, I became the Sub lead of Human Resource department of Yoddhas-
Indians fighting against cancer. The motto was inspiring. We did not segregate the members by
forcing them to work with only particular individuals who follow their teams
but instead provided a platform for unblemished interaction between facilities that allow each
department from Human Resource to Patient Support Group and created a
real-world environment. Driven by a commitment to serve and a desire to
understand the foundation of Cancer, I indulged myself in their research team
and compiled tax files in different countries for cancer victims’ family. In
essence of this collaboration with YODDHAS, I developed a strong desire for
excellence, leadership skills and ability to convey my ideas strongly.

My experience has taught me the importance of
leveraging data to bring about a social change. Although my efforts so far have
been small in scale, I believe my learning curve will equip me with the skills
to make a difference on a large-scale. I believe that my background in economics
along with a string of cultural diversity and ability to evolve according to the
circumstances will provide a unique
perspective on 
the various activities on-going in the university. Further, after gaining an
education from Southern Methodist University, I am certain I will be placed in
a position from where I can use my skills as a Business Analyst to make a large
difference in my chosen field.

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