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The science fiction short story that I decided to read for this literary
analysis paper was Day Million by Frederick Pohl. Set in the future, it
is about two lovers named Don and Dora. The citizens in the short story are given
two sexes in one individual. One is given to them genetically, and the other is
chosen by the person later in their lives. The girl, Dora, is born with the
physical body of a male, but her psychology reveals that she must have been
born a female. The doctors decide to change her physical body to a female. When
she is leaving her house to go to her rehearsal hall one day, she falls into Don’s
arms. They fell in love at first sight and decided to get married on the
following Wednesday. They invite many of their close friends to the wedding to
cheer the lovers on. They whispered many things to each other while they were
getting their identities taped and recorded. After the wedding, they part ways
and keep their unique personality recordings. Whenever they feel the slightest
desire for the other, they can feel their presence deeply and fully through the
recordings. The perspective that I have decided to look at in this paper about
how love is love. Love in the story is presented with no strings attached and
is shown as two main aspects within the story.  

            The first major aspect that love is
love comes from an important quote that says; “In a way, he probably would have
looked peculiar to a man from the 20th century, with his glowing eyes and
seven-fingered hands; but to himself, and of course to Dora, he looked mighty
manly and grand” (Pohl 1). Typically, people in society that
looked like Don would be alienated, but according to Dora, appearance does not
matter to her at all. Dora does not care that Don is 187 years old as well. Don
and Dora’s great love for one another is not emphasized by physical appearance
or age, but by the many ways in which they love each other for who they are on the inside. The
colorful picture that I included on the side shows the passion that they have
for one another. Another great quote that highlights this is, “Not in the flesh
of course; but then his flesh has been extensively altered and its wouldn’t
really be much fun. He doesn’t need the flesh for pleasure. Genital organs feel
nothing. Neither do hands, nor breasts, nor lips; they are only receptors,
accepting and transmitting impulses. It is the brain that feels, it is the
interception of those impulses that makes agony or orgasm; and Don’s
symbol-manipulator gives him the analogue of cuddling, the analogue of kissing,
the analogue of wildest, most ardent hours with the eternal, exquisite and
incorruptible analogue of Dora” (Pohl 4). This quote explains how body parts
are not what are loved. It is the memories and the personalities of the lovers
that is loved and endured forever.

            Another major
aspect that love is love comes from this quote, “How angrily you recoil from
the page! You say, who the hell wants to read about a pair of queers?” (Pohl 1).
This quote talks about transgenderism and homosexuality in today’s society. The
narrator is labeled as a conservative thinker who is not accepting of the ideas
that appear in the story. Many of the conservatives today are opposed to the
concepts of homosexuality and transgenderism in the LGBT+ community. Some of
these people are often termed as either “transphobic” or “homophobic”. Many members
of the LGBT+ community do not feel accepted and they are afraid to come out to show
who they really are and who they want to be as human beings. The story gives a
little bit of hope that in the future, people will be more accepting of all
people and everyone will be properly represented. The people in the story do
not care that Dora is not a girl genetically and that she is transgender; they
are accepting of Dora for who she is and Dora is comfortable with herself.

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            Day Million is an atypical love story that has
touched on many important concepts today. One of the most important concepts in
the story is the fact that love is love. The main characters do not think of
love as physical appearance, but instead, their different personalities and
memories of one another. Gender, looks, and age are all demolished and displayed
to be unnecessary. The story also brings up the concept of transgenderism and
homosexuality. It teaches the readers that it is okay to be different from one
another and that it is okay to come out to be the real person that you are. This
gives the person the possibility to be happy in his or her own life but also creates
a progressive society for the future in which people are accepting of everyone.
Day Million presents a world that has invented brand new technology that
is far beyond what we are capable of doing present day. The short story makes
people think about what our society is going to be like in the future and what
are relationships are going to look like. I normally do not read much science
fiction, but I really enjoyed reading this story because it talked about many
issues that are relevant today. 

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