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The healthcare community such
as the physicians, nurses, and pharmacists all have faced various challenges every
day in the healthcare industry. While some of these tasks are within human
being control and can be fixed some are just naturally happening. I will talk
about 2 of the problems they faced such as providing quality improved (QI) patient
care services and lack of professional training for the aging community. All patients
expect to feel safe with their preferred healthcare organization, it is almost expected
that there are ethical, complying with regulations and mandates. In addition, showing
support to the community through excellent services at a reasonable cost with trained
health professionals always have a positive effect on all parties. 


I have learned about
ethics, regulations, and federal mandates are all contributing factors to the
challenges healthcare professions faced. I understand while they are more pressing
issues based on priority they all collectively affect everyone in and around
community. Ethics, regulations, and federal mandates has an intent to bring
stability and safety to people’s lives but somehow it creates an unbalance, which,
has ripple effects on the pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and the patients. Through
these professions they all provide an essential service to the public in an
environment that promote and engage in patient-centered care and managed care
for all clients, ultimately increasing patient positive experiences is one of
many goals. Providing quality improvement patient-care service at a lower cost
is possible if the right strategic plans are implemented effectively with the
right team.  I also learn that the other
aspect of the challenges such as the safety of patient information and
accessibility to new advanced technology, contributes to all distresses our healthcare
professions daily operations, however, if these issues are resolved accordingly
then such an improvement could lead to enhanced services and healthier life.


The lack of trained
professionals is considerable low while the aging community with dementia is
steadily growing.  According to Aging Committee
(2014) “The Alzheimer’s Association has documented that over 60% of individuals
who reside in institutional care settings are living with a diagnosis of
dementia”. This confirms the healthcare industry challenges they face with not
having enough person graduating and training for mental health care career. Nurses
who are not hired in the aging community are giving added responsibilities for which
he/she has insufficient training to get the job done properly. In
addition, being untrained for any task will make an employee unsatisfied and disorderly
while on the job.

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Providing essential training
to all employees is very important because it increases job satisfaction and production.
It is believed that many physicians, nurse etc. are more concerned about doing
their job well in a good environment than with the sum of money they make. Nurses
that are lack of training is a great disadvantage in the healthcare industry
and should be offered more incentive to keep them motivated. Furthermore, healthcare
organizations should do more to attract new hire, and train them to be the best
so that he/she can maximize their fullest potential for themselves and organization.
 Based on the Aging Committee (2014) states,
“It is imperative that the employees of the facilities that care for those with
dementia are trained and sensitive to the unique needs of this special
population”. Our elders need trained professionals to help take care of them,
someone who loves and enjoys their job and that can make a big difference even
if the salary is meager.   

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