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The First and Thirteenth amendments are known to be the most crucial and most important amendments. They both have the most freedom out of all the amendments. The first amendment also known as R.A.P.P.S. Gives freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech. All of these are clear, but people sometimes confuse freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is simply freedom of political speech. As for the thirteenth amendment, it talks about freedom of slavery. We have a constitutional amendment that abolished slavery. People could argue that these are not the most important, but I am going to prove those people wrong. These are the most important because of freedom, belief, and labor. Amendment 1 and 13 are the most important because they set the grounds of many freedoms that are being used today. Keep in mind that most of these rights are based off of what happened to the Americans in England. My opinion on the most important amendment would be the 1st amendment. Although it can be argued it is not the most important, people can still say that the 1st amendment is the most important because it gives 5 basic yet important rights. The 1st amendment gives freedom of religion, assembly, petition, press, and speech. These five freedoms in just one amendment gives the first amendment some weight under its name. So the first amendment is possibly the most important amendment by far because of those 5 basic, yet important rights. In general the rights that the first amendment state or important, but maybe not the most important. The First amendment stands for 5 basic but important rights such as freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech. First off is freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is one of the most basic rights, yet the most important. It allows you to believe in any religion you like. Freedom of religion is a big deal because it’s one of the reasons that America came to be. People were being discriminated, hanged, and punished for not believing in the English church in Great Britain. This caused various religions to escape Britain to find a place to practice their religion in peace so they went to the Americas. There they found a place where they could believe their religion without persecution. Freedom of religion helped build the foundation for America. So this right is what built us and is here to stay. Next up is freedom of assembly and press. These right also bring us back to the day in England, where protest wasn’t allowed. People in England would be severely punished if they were to protest in England. So even though this wasn’t a big problem people would protest when they were in America about taxes and other unfair rights. Assembly helped motivate the Americans to gain their freedom so freedom of assembly is an added bonus, but I wouldn’t call it the most important. It does give us the right to protest against our government, but there are other rights they will be talked about that are far more important, but this can be argued that it is the most important among the R.A.P.P.S.  Freedom of the press expressed what was going on around them and press was also a way to protest. Freedom of press was included because press such as newspapers was one of the only ways to massively spread propaganda. Before and during the revolutionary war propaganda was used to a lot, which made freedom of the press so popular. People use freedom of press in many different forms such as newspapers, websites, TV, and etc. People use the press to express the ideas of the people and the people’s opinions. This is why freedom of the press is so important because it gives the American people a voice against the government of a big power. As we said freedom of assembly and the press give us our word to speak out to the government. Well, what people would call a subcategory of these is right to petition, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Freedom of the press can be against or for petition. Usually people petition on legislative things like taxes, laws, and in these days maybe even the president. You can petition against something or for it. When you petition against something, especially a big thing it can be important because it can grant power to change government or something unjust. This right is often overlooked upon the other 1st amendments and don’t see the value. An example of the right to petition was during the civil rights when people were protesting segregation. The Supreme Court proved this right to be valued when protestants of sergrantions wrote up petitions and turned them into the government. After protestants began to do that it was said the Supreme Court really put these petitions and concerns of the people in mind during cases. The importance of the petition has been shown many times in the past. Such as how a 100,000 member organization, Oceana, got long hooked fishing illegally in the U.S. I’m sure that people, including you and I overlooked the right to petition until we actually saw what it was capable of. Freedom of Speech also known as freedom of expression is hands down the most important of the 1st amendments, but it is also the most misinterpreted. Freedom of speech is the most essential in bringing change to our society. This amendment allows other people’s views and opinion to be shared throughout the community you are apart of. Free speech has always been important throughout history because it has been used to fight for change. When we talk about rights today they wouldn’t have been achieved without free speech. (Rachael Jolley) Freedom of speech is the best medicine for change. The government and the community that surrounds us is influenced by what the majority of people say. People wonder how this could be possible where people in government or influenced by the people’s word. The people in government are always elected by the people. So the government officials who care about staying in position have to listen to the people. This is why freedom of political speech carries such a great weight. Which brings me to the fact how people try to abuse freedom of speech. People don’t understand that you can’t say whatever you like and not have any consequence. Free speech does not mean giving bigots a free pass. It includes the right and moral imperative to challenge, oppose and protest bigoted views. Bad ideas are most effectively defeated by good ideas – backed up by ethics, reason – rather than by bans and censorship. (Peter Tatchell) The only people who really abuse freedom of speech and try to say things that don’t fall under the freedom of speech category are the people referred to as bigots by Tarchell. People believe they are allowed to say whatever they like, and try to argue it but the constitution clearly states that it is freedom of political speech. On to the thirteenth amendment. One of the backbone amendments of america. As we all know black people were being taken from africa and sold in America. These slaves were being treated in a horrible manner and unfairly. Slavery was only happening in the south and the American citizens of the south thought it was fine to have slavery, but it was the people in the north who were against it. Laws were put out to stop slavery, but were not reinforced. It wasn’t until the north and south went against each other in the civil war which won the freedom of slaves. After the civil war the 13th amendment was passed and this really set the ground for freedom.

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