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Information is regarded as a very important aspect in the day to day decision making whether by an individual or an institution. As such, communication has a very important part to play in ensuring that information flows from one party to another. Most importantly, the choice of the means of communication is vital for any organization (Caroline 8).

Organizations therefore put a strong importance on how information is being disseminated among the different internal communication points within the organization. This paper discusses the importance of researching topics and outlining in preparing written and oral communication.

Every communication targets to deliver information in the most accurate manner. The first step in ensuring excellent communication is researching on the problem (Glase and Strauss 36). Identifying the problem helps address the topic without much stray. It also provides guidelines on the outline of the presentation (Julia 3). Having an outline helps in communicating in a very effective manner since the information is arranged in different sections such as introduction, body, and conclusion.

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Most business problems usually entail doing much research so as to ensure that the topic being addressed is given a holistic approach (Caroline 7). Various decisions such as to expand, move from certain markets or maintain the status quo, or even the internal decisions such as to hire more workforce, retrench employees, or to even to cut on costs require research on their feasibility. These decisions are then presented in an organized manner having considered all the relevant information.

Research has been defined as the act of revisiting an area of interest with an aim of making further discoveries on the topic. Therefore, it is important in writing process in several ways. It offers more information of the previous researches done, indicating the degree of correlation between the past research and the current one.

It also helps in the writing process since it gives an account of what has been justifiably found out by other researchers on the same or a related topic (Julia 6). Carrying out research is therefore an indispensable act that ensures that the writing process is not only complete but also justifiable.

Research always determined the quality of the finished work. It is from research that the findings and inferences are drawn. The final piece of the presentation is the most important aspect of research since it offers the views of the researcher as well as the recommendations. It is important also because it is gives the intended audience the materials from which the informed decisions are made.

The final product is therefore the written piece or the presentation. It should be noted with great precision that the final presentation should be as accurate as possible. This is because it is the only justifiable source upon which decisions are made. Whereas individual make uninformed decisions from their subjective minds, research usually offers justifiable sources upon which rational and objective decisions are made (Glase and Strauss 48). This is important to any individual who is making a decision that affects more than one person.

In presenting an upcoming piece of presentation, this process will be useful in ensuring that the presentation is done in an organized manner. The first step is ensuring clear understanding of previous researches on the topic as well as having all the facts before doing the presentation. Then the presentation should have a well documented justification of the content so used and finally a conclusion of the topic giving inferences and if necessary, the recommendations.

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