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The photographer that inspires me is Ezra Stoller. Ezra Stoller known for capturing the beauty of modern architecture through black and white photography. Before becoming a photographer, he was an architect Architects revered his work, and he photographed buildings designed by such noted ones as Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen, and Louis Kahn. Ezra once said ” I’m not interested in art photography, i’m interested in architecture as it is, to look at and enjoy. But what I do is a job of work, that is what it is.” He enjoyed a photograph as it was, to enjoy, a simple photo was beautiful to him. He made architects famous. Ezra Stoller was born in 1915, in Chicago, and he grew up in New York and studied architecture at New York University. As a student, he began taking pictures of  buildings, models and sculpture. He was drafted in 1942 and was a photographer at the Army Signal Corps Photo Center. After World War II, Stoller continued his career as an architectural photographer and also focused on industrial and scientific commissions. Over the next forty years, he became best known for images of buildings, that architects designed. Spoken like a true modernist architect. When Stoller was photographing in the 1950s and ’60s, the idea that “form follows function” was what the most prolific architects had espoused. Designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier had purged the flourishes of Beaux Arts in favor of sleek lines and cool rationality. Stoller’s photos followed suit. Ezra earned an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts, from Pratt Institute, in 1998 and was awarded The American Institute of Architects. Award for Architectural Photography, in 1961. Stoller died in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in October 2004. Ezra Stoller inspires me because he was a simple man. He enjoyed simple photos of architecture. I like architecture because I like to think of all of the work that was put in to build such a structure. Brick by brick, beam by beam, window upon window. I enjoy thinking about that. Ezra took pictures that were meaningful to him, and he understood simplicity. He made architects famous, by taking great pictures of the buildings they designed. I also enjoy Ezra Stoller’s work because I have always wanted to become an architect. From when I was little I loved to build house with legos, or to design a floor plan for a building that had a specific purpose. I enjoy the process building and creating something. I like to see the thought put into such amazing structures. And marvel at the sheer magnitude of the work put in, and all of the people involved in such a project. He had a few special techniques, he would take specific pictures of the designs of buildings and structures. His picture had many details of the edifices. He believed in taking pictures that people could understand, and really could value the beautiful buildings. Ezra understood that people need to appreciate the buildings, as something beautiful and sacred.

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