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The only limits in life are the ones you make.

Therefore, it is important to defy them to allow myself to live a bigger life and step into the role of who I am meant to be. I love being a nurse. Nursing has done a great job in bringing out the best qualities in me that I thought did not exists: empathy, intuition, creativity, passion and the desire to learn throughout my career. As a registered nurse at an acute hospital, I know that nursing is more than the basic science behind the illness. It’s about human connection. I have many memorable interactions with some truly inspirational individuals, who I have encountered in my journey as a nurse, who ended up teaching me valuable lessons in life and have inspired me to grow into the best version of myself.

It was during one of my nurse shift, when I developed a clear picture of what I wanted to grow professionally. I was talking to a Family Nurse Practitioner, regarding the treatment plan of our patient. During our entire conversation, I was in awe with her clinical expertise and how she rationalized the plan of care that she will provide for our patient. Time seemed to have slowed down.

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I have finally realized a brand new dream that I can aim for and that is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).Since I became a nurse, my fascination on how the human body works and how diseases can affect the patient’s physical, mental and emotional state, have intensified. A master’s degree in nursing with the emphasis on the nurse practitioner role will provide me the tools to gain stronger confidence when providing health services and provide me the intellectual fulfillment that I seek. I want to become an FNP because I want to gain the knowledge of how to diagnose, evaluate, and treat acute and chronic illnesses.

It will be gratifying to not only care but also be involved with patients and their health over an extended period or throughout their lifespan. I am looking forward to learn and accomplish these aspirations under the UCLA MSN advance practice program, which offers a large patient population, diverse learning experience and vigorous coursework to prepare me for the FNP role. The UCLA advanced practice program also has members of the faculty that will not only intellectually challenge me, but also guide me in this journey. Throughout the three years of my nursing career, my desire to do more beyond from carrying out physician orders and knowing how to perform tasks has deepened. Becoming a nurse practitioner will grant me the autonomy of leading the care of my patients while simultaneously have the ability to seek out the guidance of the physicians when needed. I will be able to broaden my scope of medical practice while still applying my principles of nursing to patient care. I want to be the best skilled, most competent and empathetic nurse to bring the safest and highest quality of care to my patients.

My patients have voice out that no one listens to them, not even their own doctors. This concern further inspires me to become a nurse practitioner that will provide quality care by understanding my patient as a person. Upon completion of my master’s degree in nursing and my licensure exam, I plan to work as an FNP in one of the ambulatory clinic at the community I grew up in. I wish to become an active member of society. I want to help improve the distribution of health services to undeserved populations. I am excited to teach and educate individuals the importance of healthy choices and disease prevention, in addition to helping them during their period of acute illnesses.

 My professional journey has not been without challenges, sacrifices and detours. I have bravely faced daunting prerequisite classes, formidable tests, and tight financial situations while trying to balance life at home with my family. I knew when I graduated high school that I wanted to attend a university, but I was one of four children that are going to college and my parents could not afford it. So I decided to go to a community college and obtain my Associates Degree in Nursing. I am blessed to have been a recipient of scholarships and financial aid program that greatly helped my parents support my education financially. Receiving my RN license was a testament that I made the right career choice.

However, job searching as new grad RN was tough and at times disheartening but once I have finally obtained a job as a registered nurse, I decided to dedicate the next two years of my life working fulltime and building my confidence as an RN. After saving enough money, I knew it was time to go back to college. I became part of the Cal State Northridge RN-BSN program, where I went to school while working fulltime. It was a difficult journey, but in spite of this, I have learned to balance the high demands of both my school and work. The struggle that I have experienced has given me the confidence and motivation to complete my BSN degree.

It strengthened my conviction that nothing is impossible for someone who is determined to achieve her goal. Becoming part of the UCLA nursing masters program will be challenging not only for me but for my family as well. However, I firmly believe that the challenges we experience in life are designed to motivate us to keep finding ways to improve ourselves and come back stronger. I am very fortunate to have a strong support system: a very understanding family, friends who cheered me along the way and an employer who encouraged me to continue pursuing for higher education. My parents, who are not only my biggest influence, but also my number one cheerleaders, have fueled my drive to continue to be the best version of myself in everything I do.

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