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            The Wizard of Oz (1939) is a film about a young womannamed Dorothy that lives in a small community with her family. She has dreamsand goals, but she’s accustomed to her small-town way of being. She isexhausted and despondent with the way things are going at home, so she choosesto leave home without her family.

She did this knowing they wouldn’t notice sheleft. Not long after Dorothy runs far from home, the climate turns awful.  She and Toto get swept up by a tornado and ittakes her into a dream land called Oz. This is the place Dorothy’s voyagestarts.  She finds out a great deal aboutherself on her voyage to return home. This film shows numerous components foundin the genre of fantasy.  For example,her dream takes her from real life to a dream.

 Once she enters Oz, Dorothy is flabbergasted by the splendid and livelyclimate far and not quite the same as where her native Kansas is.            Goodykoontz & Jacobs (2011) states, “The fantasy filmis, on its face, pure escapism, where characters may live in imaginary settingsor experience situations that break the limitations of the real world (p. 4.3). This implies characters are simply livinglife.

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  Then, something happens where they surpasswhat they know as real into a dreamland that lets them escape from their issuesat hand. Usually, by and large this trip is a type of reflection of self as thestar of the film participates in the dreamland.  Placing different genres into a film warrants interestfrom viewers with different interests in films.  With being said, it will add more viewers and withmore viewers, there is more money.

All motion pictures fallinto a particular film kind.  For example,fantasy, horror, comedic, drama, western, romance, and so forth.  Genre film is intended to give the view of afilm of and what the film is about.

All genres can be consolidated and applydifferent components to give the film different aspects.  The genre that I am going to talk about inthis paper is fantasy.  I will also talk abouthow it was utilized for the motion picture: The Wizard of Oz (1939) composed byNoel Langley and directed by Victor Flemming (AFI, 2008). The film will be abridgedas well as two of the genres being clarified utilizing particular scenes fromthe film. In conclusion, a third genre will clarify how the limits were pushedutilizing this genre.

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