Communication these four dimensions: 1)Influence: People got

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Communication is the process of transmitting information from one person to another (Weick and browning, 1986). Business is accustomed to providing training when employees lack specific skills, including communication skills. An effective will bring lots of benefit both from internal and external. Therefore firm need recruit people who have ability that firm lack also the relational skills firm need such as influence, interpersonal facilitation, relational creativity, team leadership.

These are four dimensions described in the article. The aims of this article are: It shows the analyzed of psychological test on more than 7,000 business professionals. This research is to challenge traditional thinking of who is executives’ “people”. The result of research identify who are the real “people” for a firm is little bit different as most executives assume the type of people: who smooth over the relationship between colleagues and usually find in Human resources or sales.

Instead of this traditional opinion, the result of research identified four distinct dimensions of relational work of different people have: Influence, interpersonal facilitation, relational creativity and team leadership with how these knowledge help firm get right employees to overbalance the ability of the team in company. These suggest managers to hire the correct human resource form both external and internal. Relational skills are important and always been ignored. There are many ways suggest by this article can help develop different skills for four dimensions of relational skills.

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Moreover, a suggestion for manager to use nonfinancial reward such as let employees do the work they interested by their own relational skills. It can improve productivity by motivate employees matchers their underlying interests. Below I will summary these four dimensions: 1)Influence: People got high score here always have a good ability on persuasion, negotiation, and the power of holding valuable information and ideas. Individuals with deal-intensive role in financial services and sales tend to stand out in this dimension.

This kind of people is an alliance builder and negotiator. They always shine in parties and sign contracts. 2)Interpersonal Facilitation: high scores here are keenly attuned to the interpersonal aspects of a work situation. This kind of people keep good relationship with everyone and keep all the colleagues get on well therefore all the project can performance well. From their observation and understand all the colleagues’ personality. They know how to creative a productivity and great team by combination different people together.

They always use counseling, conflict resolutions, coaching ways to achieve creative a peaceful working environment. 3)Relational creativity: people shine here like forging connections with groups of people through visual and verbal imagery. They always have a good sense, and a lovely character with a passion on work. Professionals need convince others on a person-to-person basis, use images and words to arouse emotions and create relationships with groups. These people are good at doing image for advertising.

4)Team leadership: people who is good here feel good to see and interact with other people very frequently. They like managing high-energy teams in busy service environments and enjoy working both fellow and customers. They always want to work through a group and they are interest in interpersonal and managerial process also are good organizers. Researchers consistently see leaders of teams that have a strong customer focus. But people who score high in influence are interested in the outcome of an interaction. .

It is important to note that the four relational dimensions are not discrete types people can score high in more than one dimensions or non, so that there can be people who are influence and team leadership or people who have non. Human resources are not interchangeable so it is important to match your employee’s relational talents with their job responsibilities. It is hard to find person’s relational abilities need use some techniques to ferret out a candidate’s skills in the four dimensions of interpersonal work.

There are lots of different ways to test different skills people lack. Most working group should include people with interests in all four dimensions of interpersonal work. A manager should responsible for making that happen need all four abilities not just tend to one dimension you personal like. Otherwise this group only has one type of ability and others are weak lack for overbalance. So recruitments are needed to help overbalance ability across external and internal. Developing relational skills is a kind of internal recruitment.

Or firm need recruit from outside company. Managers not sufficiently attentive to relational work, especially the behind-the-scenes activity that strengths team bonds and keeps workers motivated and productive. Only right people carry correct strategy out. To use human resource correctly is important to a firm. Above are the summaries of aims, the topics and the conclusions of the article, I will identify and analyze the main concepts, propositions, and methods employed.

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