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6 August 2001
The Get All Intelligence System
The Get All Intelligence System is a unique multi-dimensional online database. It is an analytical tool for gathering, managing, distributing and analyzing data to improve strategic and tactical decision making. With this system each cell within a branch office can work fully autonomous or executing multiple simultaneous courses of action. Your company will now be able to benefit from corporate data by transforming it into information crucial to your executives decision-making process.
The Get all database has numerous advantages over other systems; it has a quick, efficient, cost-effective, rapid response due to the direct down link connectivity. This 3-D system is used to support over 15,000 users worldwide. The Get All Intelligence System will be a NT based program and able to be crossed to Unix based systems if needed.

The Get All Intelligence System is dynamic and easy enough to handle the end user requests by allowing the transformation and reconfiguration of intelligence to fit everyone’s unique needs. This program is so flexible that it includes the ability to add as many columns that is needed. Information from The Get All Intelligence System is supplied to employees based on their own research requests. Depending the results of your request, it might offer a proposition to alternate the courses of action to its operators. This will reduce unnecessary information and wasted time especially when time constraints are critical. With a click of a button, your managers and sales cell can look at their own gathered information by product, by product line, or by customer. Managers can use The Get All database to look at statistics in their region and compare them with invoiced statistics from that day, including year-to-date and month-to-date analysis. Regional managers will have access to their region’s data only. The headquarters office will be able to access any information that is collected by any branch office. Business intelligence is only a coffee cup away.
The installation process will be simple containing a self-running, 25-minute tutorial installation CD and a complete software documentation package. The design will be simple with only one data set created. It will perform as if it has been configured with thousands of data sets. Only one IT computer programmer will be required. A few codes will be needed to ensure secure connections can be incorporated on unsecured machines. The security features ensure appropriate access to all sales analysis data at any and every level within the business. Your office will only be allowed to view what your specific office has gathered. This will cut down the chances of hackers obtaining all information collected by each branch. Employees from different departments and branches will be able to tap into The Get All Intelligence System, which would be on a secured line.

Training will consist of approximately four to five hours, with mandatory annual refresher courses offered at the branch offices This product will immediately put power into the hands of its sales staff and CI cell. You will be able to pull a report, survey, benchmark, or a comparison. The Get All Intelligence System will provide answers to its customers in approximately seven minutes or less once you learn the basics.

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You will even have the ability to pinpoint deviations in your company’s projected goals and investigate the reasons. The most attractive features are, tracking daily activities, detecting potential conflicts with other businesses and the ability to resolve potential errors. The Get All Intelligence System is not only affordable and scaleable, but provides an awesome resolution for any Industry in the world.

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