****This the whole Troll nation was subverted by

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****This book has about the same story as all the other Shannara books but it takes place Before all the
other ones.******
After the first war of the races, man became an outcast and was forced to run into the deep southland. At
Paranor (the home of the Druids) A druid named Bremen was declared an outcast because of his insistence
to keep using magic, which was forbidden after the first war of the races. Bremen was the only one that
knew that a rebel druid named Brona has learned to use great magic for evil and was on a plan to kill all the
races and make the world all for the netherworld.

Bremen knew that he needed help so he (hired) a man named Kinson Ravenlock. They go into the high
northland and find out that the whole Troll nation was subverted by the now called Warlock Lord. So
Bremen goes to Paranor to tell the Druids of the Warlock Lords coming, but they wouldnt listen except
his friends Tay Trefenwyd, an Elf, and Risca, a Dwarve. Right before they leave, a girl Druid wants to join
them. Well, finally, Bremen lets her come with them.
He decides to go to the Hadeshorn, a lake that lets the druids of the past come out to speak with them. So,
Bremen talks to the first Druid named Galaphile Elessidel. He shows him four visions of what they have to
do. One of Paranor destroyed and the Druids all dead, another of a fortress in the westland with the black
elfstone in it, another of a man facing Brona in Mortal Combat with a great magical sword, and another of
Bremen standing next to the Hadeshorn with a boy with funny eyes.

Will Tay Trefenwyd suceed in his charge to find the Black Elfstone? Will Risca tell the Dwarves of the
Warlocks coming and sucessfully make an army in time? Will Bremen, Kinson, and the girl(Mareth) build
the sword in time before the four lands are subverted? To find out, read the book!!!!!

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