The present study set out to investigate the effect of synectics as an instructional tool on promoting Iranian EFL learners’ writing ability. In this section, the findings with reference to two research questions and previous research findings are discussed.

Based on the statistical results of the paired sample t-test, a significant difference was found between the results of pretest and posttest in experimental group. In addition, with regard to the results of independent sample t-test of between experimental and control groups, a significant difference was found between their performance on posttest, which synectic technique had been proved to be successful.

The findings of the present study supported a study done by Vani (2012) who found that language creativity was enhanced when the students are exposed to synectics model of teaching. In addition, it was effective in learners’ general creativity and innovative ideas.

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The results of this study also confirmed those of Passi (1985) who conducted a study to measure the effect of synectics model of teaching on creative writing and found a significant changing creative writing after the students were exposed to synectics method.

Having the findings of this study in mind, similar findings were yielded by Paltasingh (2008) regarding the impact of synectics model of teaching in life science to develop creativity.Training on creativity developed creative thinking ability of students.

 This study also supportsAnandi’s (1990) results who run a study on development of second strategy of synectics model i.e. ‘making the strange familiar’ in graduate student-teachers through synectics model of teaching and found that the training in synectics model of teaching had significantly developed making the strange the familiar.

The results of this study are in line with those of Sucheta (1990) who conducted a study on the instructional and nurturing effects of synectics model of teaching on creative ability in Hindi and English. They found out that it was effective in the improvement in all the four factors of language creativity i.e. fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.



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