The holocaust was the eruption of anti-Jewish

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         The holocaust was the eruption of anti-Jewish
violently attacking the Jews throughout the Reich. Anti-Semitism meaning hatred
for Jews or in another words prejudice against Jews was mostly present during
the Second World War. All throughout Europe the Jews faced discrimination, heck
they were supposedly blamed for being part of Germany’s defeat in the First
World War, according to Adolf Hitler’s perspective. Since he, Hitler, had an
extreme hatred towards the Jews all didn’t play in the Jews favors. Once he was
appointed Chancellor, Hitler then took this as an opportunity by using his
powers of Chancellor in order to get rid of what he hated the most, the Jews.

         The society considered Jews as Gyspies,
outcast in their own land, unwanted community. All this because of resentment
as the Jews weren’t much affected financially by the First War, so from there
was an excuse for the Nazis to boycott the Jewish shops and businesses without
any consideration of their success. All Jews were fired and those that owned
huge successful businesses were seized or closed. Jews were politically
defeated, banned from some public places.

Later on,
the more hatred there was, the more difficult it was for the Jews, to an extent
were execution began. Many lives were endangered, Jews that tried to flee the
countries were reported, some were not permitted due to strict and tight
immigration policies, all that because Jews were being persecuted and killed by
the forces of German Nazi officers.

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Jews had to
be inexistent in Germany and Austria, however, the number of Jews was so many
that many were sent to concentration camps and after it wasn’t enough so that
would be the right time to mention that was when the Holocaust began. The
Holocaust was one the most unforgettable, frightful genocides in the Jewish
community, were 6 million European Jewish men, women, and children were killed
by the order of Adolf Hitler. All because of the same reason which would be his
hatred for that religion which he did not even consider as such,

 Instead  he considered it as a “race”. Many death camps
were built in different areas, they were also known as the ‘final solution’
strategy to get done with the Jews. And if not concentration camps, the Jews
were enslaved by working in mines, factories and agriculture; they were put into
death camps, gas chambers. The Jews were also killed easily through trains,
since Nazis needed things to efficiently and quick, as they also used mobile
gas vans. Some simply died of famine, sickness because they lacked of medical
care, food, shelter, clothing and many more other necessities.

However, out
of all of it, some Jews survived from the calamity, during the Holocaust, Jews
who escaped the camps were lucky enough and were helped by those who did not
believe in Anti-Semitism, unexpectedly some of the Nazi did help out the Jews,
by offering them a shelter to hide, offering food, anything to keep them
protected and alive for the duration of the war.

Reason to
why Jews were defeated easily was obviously because they stood alone. Jews
attempting to resist was useless because of their solidarity, they had no
weapon, no army to defend themselves and their family from the anti-Semitism. Even
with the little defiant against the Nazi forces did not change an inch of the
Holocaust, it just made the killing for those who tried to rebel against them.
With little luck the rest of the Jews survived by dint of Germany’s defeat after
the Second World War.








 Hitler becomes German Chancellor

In 1933,
ever since Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany on January 30th
by the President Hindenburg, Hitler had gained lots of authority over the
German population and that he decided into taking actions that had lots of
impacts. Later on February 28th, President Hindenburg cedes (ensues
the arson trial) into giving the emergency powers to the Nazis also known as
the ‘Third Reich’, meaning Hitler obtained the Decree for the Protection of the
People and state.

So Hitler immediately
quickly took action. March 22nd the first official Nazi
Concentration camp in Dachau was established by the Nazi. The camp was
allegedly an installation for political prisoners. In order to lock down any
political opponent of the Nazi regime, it is the only camp that kept operation from
1933 to 1945. Because of the Enabling Act, it allowed Hitler to sign any
legislation to act without any approval from the parliament and made Hitler
more dominative.

Boycott of
Jewish community

Onwards on
April 1st the Jewish-owned businesses and shops were boycotted.
Early morning word from the SA and SS informed publicly that Germans shouldn’t
get anywhere near any Jewish establishment with signs along that refused the
people to buy anything from these stores particularly large department stores
and aside there would be a soldier standing by. That affected crucially the
Jews finance condition.

Laws of
establishment of the Civil Service banned Jews, as a result of this the Jews
became unemployed as they removed them from their functions such as lawyers,
doctors, teachers, soldiers etc… all were thereby replaced by the “Aryan” race.
The law obstructed Jews to practice law no more. Furthermore the Jews were
prohibited from the protection of German law, as a consequence of this it meant
that they were defenseless when it came to protecting themselves.

May 10th,
public rallies were organized all across Germany by German university students
that influenced and supported by the Nazi party to burn up all books written by
Jews that were considered ‘un-German’ books. Parades marched in torchlights,
threw pillaged and the ‘unwanted books’ onto the bonfires while chanting making
it a ceremony, announcing that they were ‘purifying’ German libraries from the
Jewish authors.

The law for
the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases was initiated on July 14th
by the government, which stated that all Jews, well against their will, had to
be sterilized; only those that had mental illness and physical disabilities.
Which was more of a forced decision for the mentally and physical disabled
community, including the Gypsies, juvenile delinquents, afro-German,
homosexuals and all others that did not fit the German face like the
Aryan…instead they were reckon as the ‘undesirables’.

Another law
came up excluding all Eastern European Jews immigrant of German Citizenship.



             Adolf Hitler proclaims himself Fürher (leader) after Hindenburg’s
death, and after that he then became the next President of Germany all that
with the support that came from the Germanys armed forces, Hitler became the
dictator of Germany implying that his decision were not bound by the laws of
the state, neither did he have no legal limits on authority, from there Hitler
was invincible against the Jews.



Nuremburg Race

September 15th,
one of Hitler’s triumphs was imposing the anti-Jew racial laws known as the
‘Nuremberg Race laws’. These new laws upon Germany although it only concerned
the Jewish community, since that law did not consider Jews are German citizen
no more, just undesired foreigners. The laws justified themselves as a way to
protect the German blood and honor from the Jews. The Nuremberg laws made Jews
second class citizens. These news laws prohibited:

§  Any Jew to marry Aryans

§  Sexual interactions within Jews and

§  No right to employ female subjects of
the state of Germany

§  To fly the Reich

On the other
hand, the Jews were permitted to wear their Jewish colors.

consequences were present if the laws were not respected. Punishments such as
prison sentence, jail term to a year and a fine, and others were imposed.

After having
their citizenship revoked, Jews were identified as people who had 3 to 4 Jewish

To top all
that, Jews had interdiction to practice medicine in institutions in Germany.



The German
government, in April 26, needed all Jews to register all their assets over 5000
Reichmarks, which was supposedly as Hermann Goering said; for the interest of
Germany’s economy and used in the Four Year Plan. The money was used in order
to rearm Germany. Although the side effects of that action, did not affect the
German people but the Jews, the Jews were left with no dime, no money , not
even a jewelry, they were left with nothing, empty handed. Jews had no means
getting away from all the misfortune, they were blocked. Not only were they
stuck in a country where they were ‘unwanted’, they had to endure the abuse
because of what they are, simple Jews.

Other countries
followed Hitler’s doing. For example, May 29th, Hungary, which was
part of triple of Alliance long time ago, fell effortlessly under the influence
of Germany during the 1930s as a consequence Hungary started adopting the anti-Jewish
laws and measures. Put an end to many of the Jews their careers, whether it was
teachers, doctors, any Civil services…all professions were taken away from the
Jewish community and restricted any opportunities in economic life.

Austria too,
was followed by the Nazi perspective on the Jews and in March, Austria annexed,
and there began the attacks on the Austrian Jews.

first mass arrest of Jews, in Germany was in between 13th until 18th
June, where Jews were injured, killed, arrested and had all their properties
destroyed. Whereby approximately 1000 Jews were arrested then sent to
concentration camp.

conference took place in Evain-Les-Bains a city in France on July 6th.
At the Hotel Royal where countries of 32 delegates were gathered together in
order to aid refugees, although failed to supported refugees, the issues of
Jewish refugees. All torture, made the Jews desperately needing to flee the
Nazi persecution they endure in Germany. 
However, the Jews cannot escape the Nazi persecution due to the strict
immigrations that were set upon refugees, altogether they could not leave
without asking permission in order to settle into other countries that had
nothing against the Jewish people. Sadly, the Evian resulted in no change in
the immigration policies.

another ally of Germany, followed the same path and accomplished authorizing
the anti-Semitic laws in their country. Not more, not less discriminatory as
Germany; banned Jewish students from their studies, teachers from teaching. Laws
were passed that marriage between Jews and Aryan was not allowed. In essence,
Jews were excluded from Civil services and barred off the military.

Jews became a difficulty to the German government. So the government assumed
that Jews required a Jewish name in order to be identified. Since not all Jews
had ‘Jewish names’ and were not recognizable as Jewish, so it was in the duty
of the German government to act upon this and felt the need to requisition for
a change of the Jewish identities. Jewish men require to take the middle name
as ‘Israel’ and Jewish women require to take the middle name as ‘Sarah’.




therefore the Executive Order of the Law on the Alteration of Family and Personal
Names, the German government finally adopted the idea of adding one name onto
the Jews identities of each gender, on the 17th August.

later, in October all Jewish passports eventually were confiscated by the
German government in order to permanently legalize the change of names and the
passport had ‘J’ stamped on to indicate the owner is, just as it is show the
illustrations above. In order to divide the Jews from the German populate as a
way eliminating them from society. If any Jew would want to move around they
would have to walk around with their new identity card that indicates their
identity. And afterwards, this motion was then followed in Austria; as they
paved the way for a more profound persecution of Jews.

Tragedies as
such went on. October 28th it was believed approximately 17,000
Polish Jews were chased away from Germany to go back to their original country,
however, Poland did not receive the Jews hand open, instead Poland refused to
receive them back, because their Polish Jews.

Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)



Until Kristallnacht, many Germans
believed Hitler was not engaged in mass murder. The treatment of the Jews
seemed to be a minor form of harassment of disliked minority. But after the
Kristallnacht no German could any longer be under any illusion. I believe it
was the day that we lost our innocence. But it would be fair to point out that
I myself never met even the most fanatic Nazi who wanted the extermination
mass murder of the Jews. Certainly we wanted the Jews out of Germany, but we
did not want them to be killed.

Alfons Heck,
member of Hitler Youth in 1938, interviewed for a television program in 1989.

The day after Kristallnacht the
teachers told us: don’t worry about what you see, even if you see some nasty
things which you may not understand. Hitler wants a better Germany, a clean
Germany. Don’t worry, everything will work out in the end.

Henrik Metelmann, member of Hitler Youth, in 1938.



 These sources al link to what was the ‘final
solution’, the turning point  in the
Persecuting the Jews of Germany, an attempt eradicate or obliterate the whole
of European Jews during the war.

November 9th
1938; they called this horrific bloodbath the ‘KRISTALLNACHT’ (Night of Broken
Glasses or Crystal Night), the night of terror is what completed the Holocaust.
The Nazi used the fact that young Jew killed a German Diplomat in France as an
excuse to fire a murderous revenge onto the Jews. Members of the Nazi Party
broke out all over Europe like Austria, Germany and the Sudeteneland acted upon
the tragedies that occurred on that night. 
On that night riots ran all over creation smashing up and burning
buildings, approximately 250 synagogues were burned; 7,500 shops and business
vandalized, burned, and looted; 30,000 males between the age of 16 and 60 were
sent to the concentration camps (Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen) with the
Gestapo that took advantage  of the
police uniforms;  Jewish schools, homes,
hospitals are crashed and demolished; cemeteries became a place of desecration
and people chanting blasphemy in many regions; 100  Jewish residents lost their lives and 1000
more left the country. There upon 91 Jewish people were killed.

Many German
people, police officers, firefighters watched the chaotic scene, and some stood
by and watched did practically nothing, instead their cared for their own, as
the source below shows a building that took fire that is being out down and yet
the same firefighters see the fire just nearby, and nothing rather leaves the
synagogues to burn. The firefighters were just present so adjacent
(German)  would not fire and to ensure
that the Jewish buildings did and that the fire should continue spreading all
over the Jewish properties. Which proves that all the Nazi Party wanted was the
objective to get rid of all the Jews.


Side effect
of the night’s catastrophe, was that the perspective they had on their country
drastically changed of the future they would hold in Germany and now were aware
of how unsafe it is and risky to live in 
a society full of loath and viciousness.

After the
pogroms, November 12th, a meeting was held by Hermann Goering, one
of Hitler’s Henchmen, in order to discuss the damages of the German economy.
The Jews had to compensate and were a given a fine of 1 billion Reichmarks
which was completely over their financial amount they had, due to the Nazi
embezzlement. Also for the fact how ironic it was that they, the Nazi Members, claimed
that the Jews had a debt to pay to same people that caused the pogrom demanding
specifically to the Jewish German and not the Jewish foreigners. In addition,
more restrictions were set upon the Jews, that stated Jewish students were
restricted from carrying their University degrees, business or practice any
career it was in the service on the non-Jews workplace. All for the reasons
that the Nazi Party wanting to make them, the Jews, suffer while at the same
time getting rid of majority.

December 2nd,
since all Jewish pupils were eventually expelled from German schools due to
their identity, parents thought that after the Night of Broken Glasses, Germany
no longer was no longer safe country for their children to grow in with so much
hatred and violence. So parents did their best in order for their children to
get far away from the Nazi. That is when the series of rescue efforts became
frequent especially after the Night of Broken Glasses. 1000 thousands of Jewish
children were sent to the Great Britain for their safety. This was known as the
‘Kindertransport’. Many Jewish orphans started coming in between 1938 to 1940
because the orphanages were burnt during the Kristallnacht pogroms.
Approximately 200 Jewish orphans went to the Kindertransport. Eventually, there
were between 9,000 and 10,000 Jewish refugees orphans were rescued and safe
thanks to the Kindertransport. Unfortunately, in desperation parents (Jewish)
could not with their children and some parents did not ever see their children
again since those parents that had stay died in the Holocaust.





If boycotting
the Jewish businesses, vandalizing Jewish shops, burning all Jewish shops,
enacting anti-Semitic laws against the Jews, excluding them from the Civil
services and the strict immigration policies were not enough?

Well for
Adolf Hitler, the Dictator, it sure was not enough.

January 30th,
during a Reichstag speech, to the German parliament, Adolf Hitler, Chancellor
of Germany, stated that if war was to flare up, that would mean: the
extermination of the European Jews. Since Hitler’s theory is that, Jews are
waste of money, the less of Jews there is, the less expenses Germany has to

Life outside
Germany did not become any less hard for the Jews. May 13th over
9,000 refugees almost all, actually majority that were Jew flee from Germany in
order to be granted a visa in Cuba to get to the United States of America. From
that the set sailed from Hamburg, a little city in Germany, to go to Cuba in
the St Louis liner. In the hope to be welcomed and receive an entry visa to the
United States, which not the case unluckily, since Cuba and the United States
rejected the refugees. So they were obligatory required to ship back to Europe.

Luckily with
tough negotiations St Louis got to land in Belgium, France, Netherlands and the
United Kingdom accepted and welcomed the refugees in their country.

Events still
came through that concerned the Jews, opportunities to ruin were never missed
by the Nazi, for the simple reason to successfully eradicate the Jews.

World War 2

Since the
Soviet and the German government had signed a non-aggression pact,  then it was later on  agreed that they would invade Poland, and that
commenced the Second World War.

were set by Reinhard Hydrich, SS Lieutenant General in Germany; that ‘Polish
Jews should be concentrated in major cities near major roadlines’, that Poland
should let all Jews coming from Germany to settle, however, this was not out of
a good doing but as a way to keep getting rid of Jews and put them anywhere far
from their country.

Hitler, dictator of Germany, man that invaded Poland, then made sure to entrust
that the Gestapo and the Kripo, both of them are secret police, to take charge
of the extinction of all European

For that,
Adolf Hitler signs and authorized the Euthanasia policy, in 1939. A policy that
was created for the sole purpose to directly kill Germans that suffers from
mental illness and physical disabilities. That included of any gender, no care
was given that it could a man or woman, and so did the age, it did not matter
too, no piety, just the objective of exterminating. And these German physicians
reckoned   the mental and physically disabled German
people were considered them as ‘incurable’ and ‘unworthy of life’. They called
that the ‘euthanasia’ program or the ‘T-4’.


Jews had to
be clearly and publicly identified and by that; the German government decided
on September 19th that every German Jew over the age of 6, should
wear six pointed yellow start with the word “Jude” in black that meant Jew
sewed on their outer clothing. With time the David yellow star became symbols
on their residences. Jews were all compressed in ghettos, in Radom, in order to
be controlled and easily manipulated.

Word Count: 3,401


As a result,
the Holocaust was of a massive destruction, hatred, prejudice and injustice
many Jews did get separated, lost their future, were mistreated, arrested and killed.
All this because for unreasonable ideology that stated that the Jewish
Community was unfit to the society. That not only destroyed the mental and
physically ill but all European Jews.

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