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The UIC Honors College is a great opportunity for students providing guidance to others by preparing them for upcoming challenges and making the journey enjoyable. When given such an opportunity, it is great to contribute by involving yourself in activities during an event to help them. Some contributions may be difficult and easy to give, but it is about the dedication and the challenges you are giving and facing. Taking challenges might seem impossible to do, but I am always ready for a variety of challenges whether it is working with a group or alone. Throughout my high school career, I have cultivated skills such as leadership and communication from joining various clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. I was always  fond of meeting new people and the best way was to get involved in many clubs and activities. I decided to join the Badminton Team which was one of the greatest decision I have ever made. I was able to communicate with my teammates on and off the court. When I was announced as one of the Co-captains, it was my responsibility as a team leader to come along with a good practice strategy and help others in the team during practice. “You set an example for the team and that is why you were chosen to be the co-captain this year,” said my coach. It was a proud feeling to know that people look up to me as their role model and wanted to learn more from me each day. Another example where I contributed was doing community service where I had to serve supper to homeless and older adults who are in need of food. I was glad that I had the opportunity to provide services to the people and engaging myself with them. It was a relief as people were leaving with a bright smile on their faces and with extra food for future. Similarly, I want to contribute my leadership and communication skills as being a part of UIC’s Honor program with other students like me. I want to share and explore new memories with others as they also get to be part of this Honors College. By being part of this program, I would like to share the same experience with my fellow students on a project. I want to do research as a team and finish the work accurately on time. I hope students contribute the same as I will to this program and in return receive greater challenges and opportunity to get to another level of Nursing. Also, working with professors will motivate me to learn new tasks everyday. Besides that, I look forward to receiving guidance from the professors to my goal of becoming a nurse.

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