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The following information from Manal helps us to understand that there are 3 major reasons why we escape. First, we escape because of boredom and loneliness; most times we have nothing to do or get ourselves busy. We get drown by the dullness of life and we seek for means of entertainment to get us engaged. Secondly, due to the struggles of life. As humans we can’t get everything we want, this, makes to be in a battle field with the problems of life. Hence, at the end of the battle, the only thing we think of it getting a break from that has been going on and find ourselves comfortably sitting in front of the screen at our own convince.  We watch movies because we are afraid of something and if is the only way to avoid what we fear. Either we are scared to face it, and we chose to turn the tv or movie apps to get us distracted (Manal,2013).



How to overcome escapism


Do you get so engrossed to wat you are watching you don not even realise so much time has been spent on what you are watching, or you procrastinate you will stop at an episode of a series, but you end up procrastinating till you watch the end of the series. Every individual one way of the other escape and there is numerous way to snap back to reality when we are too connected with our fantasy wold. (name of author) recommends 3 tactics on how to get to our self and get back to reality. Most and foremost we need to check if we ware actively engaged or not. When you have a motive to watch a movie use it as a form of education rather as a form of escape. Use movies as a medium of artistic experience used to inspire you, i.e. watch with a positive intention. Be selective of what entertainment you choose to watch. After watching the movie reflect on the type of effect it had on you. If during the time you are watching a show and it doesn’t send a message to you stop watching the movie. Secondly make your priorities known; there is more to life than sitting and watching movies. Make the right choice, no matter how much you try to escae you will still meet reality. Face your fears! Before the decision to watch your favour movie or show, make sure you set your goals and attempt important things before it is too late. For instance, pause the movie you are watching and finish your work that way conscience would be clear then you can enjoy the rest of the movie. Lastly set time limit because when you are into a movie without you knowing you end up spending less than four hours doing nothing. Set a time or an alarm for every activity you do to avoid escaping because it consumes a lot of time.

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After all being said about escapism, one can be reassured that escaping is not as bad as we think after all, despite the facts that it has both advantages and disadvantages. Today we have different access to all forms of entertainment that allows us to easily get distracted while some are beneficiary in moulding our lives for the future. As Yi-Fu Tuan once wrote similarly to the subject on escapism, ” the appeal of the environment does not do much help us totally escape reality, but it rather makes us to believe that we can recreate and change our own” (Kim, 2015).  

As a victim of escapism, one eventually comes into realisation that he is getting too addicted to the movies and the only way to snap back into reality is getting a break from every entertainment by placing a high value on your life and the reality you live in. the most important thing is that if one sits 24 hours sitting watching tv you will not reach your goal while stuck in the fantasy world. 

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