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aim of this study is to see how petrissage effects the power of individuals within
a university ladies football team, when they are performing a vertical jump
test, as Angle (2017) suggests massage can improve power as it increases blood
supply to the muscles, as well as mitochondrial growth. The vertical jump will
be my outcome measure as it’s a good indicator of power, as suggested by
Martinez et al., (2016), they used vertical jump test to measure lower body explosive
power. Overall this study aims to see whether petrissage has a beneficial or
adverse effect on an individual’s power. DH1 


to the vast amount of research regarding how sports massage effects an
individual’s power, it is important to see how different aspects of massage
will affect an individual’s power, thus this study focuses on petrissage.


Young and Behm (2007) completed a study to see how 3 minutes of tapotement and
petrissage effect the power of plantar flexors. They found that, the groups who
underwent either petrissage/tapotement showed no difference between the
normative data of the control group and no improvement from their previous
scores, suggesting that massage has no effect on power. DH2 

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to this Molouki et al., (2016) performed a study to see the immediate effects
of massage on power-grip strength and endurance in men, they performed effleurage
and petrissage on the forearm for 5 minutes, subjects performed a hand grip
power test before and after massage. They found that the subjects power-grip
strength immediately improved, showing that massage has positive effects on
grip strength and forearm muscle power. DH3 


However, these studies can be
critiqued, the first study only used 19 participants so DH4 there was not a broad range to collect
results from and the second study had only 1 therapist performing the massage and
collecting the results, so therefore could be subject to biasDH5 .


et al., (2006) researched how post-event massage, including effleurage and petrissage,
affects DOMS and overall performance of female collegiate athletes, using the
vertical jump test displacement to measure overall performance. Their research
found that vertical jump displacement was significantly higher in the group who
received the post-event massage in comparison to those that didn’t, again this
agrees with Molouki’s et al., (2016) research, showing that massage has a
beneficial effect on an athlete’s power.


However, Hunter et al., (2006) produced
a study looking into the effects of lower limb massage on electromyography and
force production of the knee extensors, force can be linked very closely to
power. They found that there was a decrease in force production at the knee
extensors after massage when compared with force produced after an athlete had
performed passive rest.


Again both of these studies could be
critiqued, for example, Mancinelli et al., (2006) could have a more inclusive
age range, to see if the research would produce the same results. Hunter et
al., (2006) also stated that more extensive research would need to be done to
prove the reliability of their results.


It is clear to see that this study is
needed due to the varied opinions within previous research of the topic.

– did this study simply use vertical jump or does it state it’s a
valid/reliable test? referece??

terms of your aim, you may have got this confused.

the aim of this study was to look at the increase in
flexibility of a muscle and the effects this would have on power reduction.

you need to think physiologically – how will massage
make someone stronger (it wont) – here they have looked at tapotement and
immediate effects on strength – physiologically you can understand why
(stimulation of sympathetic NS and recruitment of motor units etc.)

– this article looked at post event as recovery

the studies as you discuss them rather than coming back to it. this is also a
very basic critical analysis

to use terms like ‘assessor blinding’ 



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