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The article
that I was looking at is from an American Psychological Association website. In
this article Psychologists study potential harmful effects of violence in media
on young people. According to this article in 1982 the national Institute of
mental Health point out the main effects of watching violence in media. They
claimed that; children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of
others, they become more fearful of the world around them and they might be
more likely to show aggressive or harmful ways toward others. It clearly tells
us that seeing violence on media does effect younger generation, even though it
might not be clear to see as the negative side effects of watching violence in
tv doesn’t always have to manifest just in aggressive form of behavior and it
definitely has a big impact on us, even if we might not be fully aware of it.
For example, watching violence in media might not affect our social behavior
like aggression toward others, but by getting us used to the violence and the
view of blood we might more easily commit crimes us our morality or our natural
instinct of fear would be damaged. Another, important research from this
article it’s a research taken by psychologists L. Rowell Huesmann, Leonard Eron
in the 1980s. This researched showed that children from elementary who tend to
watch many violent programs in TV, were more likely to show any sights of
aggression when they became teenagers. It tells us that children who were exposed
to violence in media during their childhood were more likely to copy these
aggressive behaviors in their future. The proof of it are the participants of
this experiment. Huesmann and Eron ‘found that the ones who’d watched a lot of
TV violence when they were 8 years old were more likely to be arrested and
prosecuted for criminal acts as adults’. However, later research by
psychologists Douglas Gentile and Brad Bushman, suggested that exposure to
media violence might be just one of many factors that can cause aggressive
behavior. Other research has found that exposure to media violence can
desensitize people to violence in the real world and that, for some people,
watching violence in the media becomes enjoyable and does not result in the
anxious arousal that would be expected from seeing such imagery. 

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