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The main policy put in place for mental health is no health without mental health.The policy addresses 6 main points which are to improve and prevent mental health and also to help those with mental health issues to recover by helping to give those better skills to find employment and improve their education.To not only improve mental health but also physical health and to offer better care and support to help people recover. As Well as this it aims to improve ho the public understanding to lower the chance of harm and discrimination .this policy is important as it aims to improve and give a better understanding of mental health There are different causes and impacts of mental health on different social groups such as for disability some causes are social exclusion, media influence and not being accepted this could cause mental health issues as people those with disability could be discriminated against and unable to join in on social activity as some places may not be designed for those with disability such as buildings that don’t have a lift or not having a dropped curb or ramp at the entrance of a building.As well as this the media can have a negative influence on how people see people with disabilities by claiming that some people that claim disability allowance don’t actually need it  and are just trying to get money. some Impacts of this are anxiety, homelessness, suicide and social exclusion as people with disability maybe frighten to go out because they are discriminated against and they may become homeless as they may not have the finances to support themselves with the costs of living and the cost that might be involved with their disability such as doctors costs.some statistics to go with the link between disability and mental health are 25-40 % of those with a learning disability also have a mental health issue and 30%of people with  a physical disability have a mental health issue 

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