The DNA structure has many mysteries to it

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The DNA structure has many mysteries to it like who actually discovered it. In the 1920s scientist knew about DNA but it wasn’t really put into thought until later in the years. DNA was discovered in the beginnings of the 1950s. It has said to be discovered by James Watson and Francis crick. They got their ideas from Hershey, chase, chargaff and Linus Pauling. They found a way to figure out how genes are able to control the chemical processes in a cell. This inspired a lot of scientist to contribute to this new upcoming idea. Like Alexander Todd that found out that he backbone of the DNA is made up of phosphate and deoxyribose sugar. Erwin char gaff found out that DNA is made up of nucleotides and has four bases, adenine equals to thymine and cytosine equals to guanine . Each pair is held with hydrogen bonds. When James and Francis research was officially done they published it and called it A structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid, on April 25,1953. There is still controversy if Watson and crick actually did discover DNA first in the early 1950s. Linus Pauling was the one that found out that proteins made a shape of a helix. Also Rosalind Franklin made x-ray photographs that showed that DNA was a spiral. That’s where Watson and crick got their evidence from and turned it into the discovery of the DNA model. After that they created models after models to eventually prefect their new finding. DNA stands for deoxyribose nucleic acid, which is what makes up the originality of a living thing, It’s shape is a double helix. Every living thing has a different set of DNA. That’s what makes someone or something so unique. DNA provides living things with originality, indicates what their body function is, and division of cells. Genes are proteins that provides shape and meaning to the body. Genes mainly control cells like the brain, the liver and the skin. There is roughly 20 amino acids or more  in protein. The amino acids provides a long chain called the polypeptide chain, which means DNA provides coding for proteins. DNA also helps things work like the reproduction system, growing, tissues and the body as a whole. All organisms have a different DNA polymerases. It’s also replicates the genome in keeping genetic information, and the DNA protects the genome. Heredity is the most important part of the DNA structure. It gathers all the genetic information and moves it to the next generation. Deoxyribose nucleic acid has ribonucleic acid and proteins in structures called chromosomes. People have 23 pairs of chromosomes from each parent. In total a person has 46 chromosomes. Woman or girls have 2 sex chromosomes and men or boys have one X and one Y chromosomes. A female  and a male share their sperms and eggs that each have 23 chromosomes and that eventually makes up the inherits of a person or living thing.

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